If you’re feeling ill and wondering should you go to work today, let the calendar answer the question. You’re most contagious during the first 48 hours of a cold or the flu, so stay home at the first sign of symptoms. A wet cough, a runny nose, fever or aches are things that should encourage you to call in sick. Source Link 

Shopping from the weekly grocery sales may not be the best for your health. Researchers found one-in-four sale items were protein-based foods but fewer than 10 percent were fresh produce and hardly any were healthful dark green, red and orange vegetables. Skipping the sales doesn’t have to be expensive because eating healthy might only cost an extra $1.50 a day. Source Link 

There’s no wage growth for those who earn with every tooth they lose. A survey of parents found that the Tooth Fairy was paying 43 percent less in 2018 for an average of $3.70 for each baby molar that’s left under a pillow. It’s the second straight year that the payoff for a gap-toothed smile has been shrinking. Source Link