A credit freeze to stop identity thieves is a good idea for everyone in your family, including the kids because their names could also be used to open bogus accounts. All three major credit bureaus allow a parent to request a credit freeze for a child. You’ll need to mail a copy of their birth certificate and Social Security card to set it up. Source Link 

Drawing a blank when you try to remember things? Then it’s time to do some real drawing. Studies have shown that making a drawing of an important thing can help you remember better. It doesn’t have to be a work of art because the process of drawing is what helps your brain lock-in the memory. Source Link 

Here’s a pop quiz - what’s the value of everything in your home? It’s a good idea to document your belongings room-by-room and your smartphone can make the job easier. Take a video of each room that you can pause to see everything that’s there when making a list. It’s also good to have individual photos of big-ticket items like electronics. Source Link