Beating those bad habits takes some planning and some alternatives. Avoid triggers like walking past a bar, seeing an ashtray or browsing the dessert menu. Replace a bad habit with a better one and give yourself concrete reasons to make a change, like more years with family if you quit smoking or having more energy after you lose weight. Source Link 

Making fitness a habit takes some lifestyle changes. Decide what you’ll cut back on, like TV watching or web surfing, to make the time to exercise. If you go to a gym or workout at home look at what time of day fits best for you. And find ways to add exercise to everyday life such as walking with the whole family. Source Link 

Despite safety improvements, baby walkers still injure thousands of children each year in tip-over accidents down steps and stairs. Experts say a sunken living room or finished basement may be the only safe spots to use one. Baby walkers don’t speed up a child’s ability to walk and a stationary activity center is safer and better for infant development. Source Link