If watching your weight is on the to-do list for the new year, make it a daily task. Weighing yourself every day can be a powerful motivator and an early warning system when your weight starts to creep up. A daily weigh-in can be part of a self-monitoring plan that includes counting your steps and recording fruit, vegetable and water intake. Source Link 

Here’s a pop quiz - what’s the value of everything in your home? It’s a good idea to document your belongings room-by-room and your smartphone can make the job easier. Take a video of each room that you can pause to see everything that’s there when making a list. It’s also good to have individual photos of big-ticket items like electronics. Source Link 

You can raise kids who are smart about money by starting early. Point out prices on a menu or on sales receipts at the supermarket and explain the costs of living like paying for a house, a car, and utilities. And use that magic word “no” to teach budgeting and demonstrate the difference between wants and needs. Source Link