Day by day may be the best way to keep a New Year’s resolution. Find a few changes that you can make to reach your target and set smaller daily goals for them. That’s important because every victory rewards you mentally and builds momentum to accomplish that long-term resolution. Source Link 

A credit freeze to stop identity thieves is a good idea for everyone in your family, including the kids because their names could also be used to open bogus accounts. All three major credit bureaus allow a parent to request a credit freeze for a child. You’ll need to mail a copy of their birth certificate and Social Security card to set it up. Source Link

What new food trends will pop up in grocery store aisles in 2019? Look for more plant-based alternatives like non-dairy milk and vegan burgers and natural “gut healthy” foods such as kombucha, kimchi and kefir. You’ll also see probiotics in more foods including ice cream and natural sweeteners will be used in more desserts. Source Link