It’s the home stretch in the race to enroll more Americans for affordable health care. March 31st is the last day to sign up for health insurance coverage and avoid a tax penalty for 2014. About 4 million have signed up so far, but a recent survey found that only 24-percent of the uninsured were aware of the March 31st deadline. Source Link 


If you’re lactose intolerant, don’t think that you can go “raw” to drink milk. That’s the message from a study which showed that raw milk causes the same problems as pasteurized milk for lactose-intolerant people. Raw milk can contain dangerous bacteria and drinking raw milk can be fatal. Source Link 


If you’ve ever asked your child for help figuring out a new electronic gadget, you’ll appreciate this. A study found that pre-schoolers were better than college students when faced with making a new device work. Researchers say very young children weren’t bound by strict concepts of cause and effect and freely experimented to make the test device work. Source Link