Researchers say they’ve created a blood test that can tell if someone will develop Alzheimer’s disease. The test measures fats in the bloodstream because low levels of certain fats can predict the onset of symptoms. Its developers claim the test is 90-percent accurate in determining if dementia will begin within the next few years. Source Link


The Millennial generation is politically independent and less devout, with fewer spouses and many single parents. Those are some the findings in a national survey of Americans aged 18 to 33. Millennials are the first generation in the modern era to be worse off economically than their parents, but they are the most optimistic about the future among Americans today. Source Link


Moms-to-be can now use a smartphone to listen-in on that growing bundle of joy. The Bellabeat Tracking System for iPhone and Android includes a special accessory that’s placed on the stomach to hear the baby’s heartbeat. The app also keeps track of milestones in your pregnancy and even lets you log each baby kick. Source Link