Baby Boomers take note -- just one drink may be one too many when you get behind the wheel. A simulator study found that even small legal levels of intoxication can affect the driving skills of people 55 to 70 years old. Researchers say the findings show that it could be time to reassess legal blood alcohol levels for all drivers. Source Link


Millions of people who suffer from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease could take a big step toward improving their lives with a daily walk.  A study found that COPD sufferers had fewer hospitalizations when they walked at least two miles each day. The breathing disorder is the third-leading cause of death and kills over 130,000 Americans every year. Source Link


Not sleeping well these days? Maybe you can blame your gadgets. A company that sells personal fitness trackers says a study of sleep habits among its users found that those who have a laptop or smartphone in the bedroom averaged about 37 minutes less sleep per night. It’s not just adults either, because three out of four children have electronics in the bedroom. Source Link