You might be blaming this winter’s cold and other weather woes for higher food prices this year. Experts say beef and pork prices will continue to climb, drought in California will make lettuce, tomatoes, nuts and grapes more expensive, and bread prices may rise because of a lower supply of winter wheat. Source Link


What does your hand have to do with the health of your knees? A long-term study found that people with a ring finger nearly the same length as the index finger were more likely to have knee replacement surgery. Previous studies have shown that finger size can relate to athletic ability and could identify people whose exercise habits are hard on the knees. Source Link

Don’t waste your money on programs that offer to teach your baby to read. That’s the conclusion from a study that tested the claims of reading programs aimed at children under two years old. Experts say the testing showed that babies cannot gain any reading skills from DVDs, flash cards, or word books. Source Link