Heart disease and cancer are the nation’s top killers, but you might be surprised at what holds the number-three spot. Health experts say Alzheimer’s disease is now the the third-most deadly killer and responsible for as many as a half-million deaths per year. The disorder is fatal when it impairs parts of the brain that control basic functions like breathing and swallowing. Source Link

It isn’t criminals who are fueling drug addiction for millions of Americans. A report says most people who abuse prescription painkillers get them free from friends and relatives. Twice as many people die from prescription drug overdoses as those who die from a heroin overdose. Source Link

A  fashion doll with real-life body dimensions will be ready to go to market soon. A crowd-sourced Internet campaign has raised more than twice the money needed to launch the Lammilly doll. Its creator used national average measurements for a 19-year old woman in the design of the doll, which will go on sale later this year. Source Link