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If you use baking powder or baking soda be sure that it's at full strength. The shelf life for an open container is about six months and you can test it. Put one teaspoon of baking powder in ⅓ cup of warm tap water or mix baking soda with two teaspoons of vinegar and both should bubble. Source Link 

Depending on age, vivid dreams are the builders or the maintenance staff for your brain. During REM sleep the brain of an infant is building synapses that will allow neurons to connect and communicate with one another. The primary structure is finished after age two and from then on your sleep becomes more about brain maintenance and repair. Source Link 

Tough choices about major decisions might be easier to live with if you simply flip a coin. A study found that people who go through with their coin flip choices were living happier lives six months later. If you don’t want to flip a coin try choosing the action that represents a change rather than continuing the status quo. Source Link 

Who knew we were using antiperspirant and deodorant the wrong way? The ingredient in antiperspirant that keeps you dry by blocking sweat glands takes time to work so apply it in the evening before bed for maximum effectiveness the next day. And deodorant works best when applied to dry skin, so towel off from the shower before you use it. Source Link 

If you need another reason to sit less, a study found that it could dampen your mood and mental health. The good news is that it’s easy to find ways to get up and get moving. Walking around your office for five minutes or getting off the couch to move during commercial breaks while watching TV are two simple ways to be less sedentary. Source Link 

Protecting against online credit card fraud means taking a hard look at those bargain offers for name-brand goods. Shopping on less familiar, less secure websites may be an invitation to cyber-thieves. Using a virtual card option or an online wallet like Apple Pay or Google Pay adds another layer of protection for your credit card number. Source Link 

Remember these rules of the road to be safe when your car breaks down. Stay in your car so your airbags and seat belt can protect you if you’re struck by another vehicle. If you must exit the car, do it on the passenger side and stand at least 40 feet beyond the guard railto protect you from flying debris if your car is struck.Source Link 

The college grad in your life might like one of these gifts to help them in the work world. Try a book on time management or an organization tool like a personalized portfolio to keep paperwork in one place. And graduates who land a job in an open office might appreciate having noise canceling headphones to use at work. Source Link 

Exercise can be good for your mental health as well as physical, and it doesn’t take much to see the benefits. Researchers found that people who walked briskly for two and a half hours a week had a lower risk of depression. Experts say even if you can’t do that much, every step counts toward improving mental wellbeing. Source Link

It’s great on squeaks and bolts that won’t give, but this handyman’s staple also doubles as a painter’s pal. Use WD-40 to wipe away drips and spray some on a brush you ‘ve just cleaned to keep the bristles soft. And here’s a bonus tip – WD-40 is great at removing bugs from a car’s grille, and spraying some on that grille can keep bugs from sticking in the first place. Source Link

Instead of dinner and a movie, an art class or game night may bring the two of you even closer. Couples activities like painting or playing a board game can spark the release of oxytocin, the hormone associated with romantic bonding. Any activity with physical touch, social interaction, novelty and partner encouragement could work. Source Link 

Making a home move can be easier with these tips. Save money and look for gently used free boxes from friends and family or on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist. Snap a photo of the back of electronics to reference which cords go where and pack a first-night box with clothes, toiletries, plates and silverware, or anything you’ll need before you dig in to start unpacking. Source Link

Beware of thieves that may want to steal parts of your car. Use a locking gas cap to safeguard that expensive fuel and add anti-theft security lug nuts to prevent tires and wheels from being stolen. And park in a well-lit area and avoid leaving your vehicle in the same spot for days or weeks because that can tell a thief that no one is watching. Source Link

You could be a month away from a decluttered home. In the 30-Day Minimalism Game the day of the month equals the number of items to remove, so one on the 1st, 10 on the tenth, and so on. Lower numbered days can be big items while the last days of the month is time to clean out a large closet or a garage. Source Link 

To quickly unclog a toilet you need the right tool and a better technique. A flange plunger has a smaller opening that bells out to seal around the toilet drain. And instead of rapidly pumping gently push the flange plunger down to make a seal around the opening and then pull up on it. The backward pressure can loosen a clog faster. Source Link 

A great start to your day can begin with a purposeful plan. Immediately picking up your phone to check the news, email and social media has you reacting to others and sets the tone for the day. Commit to a few value activities that you want to do each day because studies have shown that most people are productive in the first two hours of the morning. Source Link 

Are you making these privacy mistakes with social media? Maybe you have the same password for multiple sites or aren't using two-factor authentication for sign-ins. You could forget to set viewing for your posts so they aren’t open to everyone or ignore tagged photos that can link back to you forever. Or you use a Facebook login to connect to other websites. Source Link 

It’s easy to eat healthy anytime right from your freezer. Frozen shrimp or fish filets are rich in protein and low in fat and frozen vegetables can be as nutritious as fresh. Frozen berries make a great smoothie; whole wheat flatbreads or tortillas will keep in the freezer for months and satisfy that sweet tooth with 100-percent fruit frozen treats. Source Link