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You can easily tighten your budget by not spending money on these things. An extended warranty is rarely used, and don’t go to a gym that requires a long-term contract. Eat breakfast at home, bring your own snacks and reusable water bottle to work, look for free smartphone games and don’t pay for rental car insurance if your credit card covers you. Source Link 

Your wallet might thank you if you skip that complimentary cup of coffee during your next shopping trip. In a study, people who sipped coffee while shopping spent 50 percent more money. The caffeine in coffee leads to a higher energetic state that can make you more impulsive and less able to control your spending. Source Link

Reducing credit card debt through a consolidation loan could be a fast way to boost your credit score. Researchers found that paying down $10,000 in credit card debt boosted scores by an average of 49 points. Taking out a loan for that money does affect your rating but you'd still come out way ahead in your overall score. Source Link

Here are some simple rules to keep school homework from overwhelming your child’s life. Start with a set schedule that gives kids time to relax or play right after school and then hit the books early in the evening. Allow for a break between subjects and set limits so that homework doesn’t cut into sleep time. Source Link 

We screen every year for physical health risks like cancer, but what about memory issues? The Alzheimer's Foundation of America website offers free confidential memory screening that takes less than 15 minutes. This isn’t a diagnosis but results can help suggest if you should see a physician for a full evaluation. Source Link 

When buying things is what you do to feel happy, you could be investing in something better to get the same boost without costing you money or filling a closet. Commit to improving your closest relationships by sharing experiences with family and friends and freeing up time to spend together. Source Link 

Your smartphone isn’t built for below-freezing weather that could shorten battery life, affect the display or even shatter the screen. Keep the phone in your pocket when you’re out and don’t leave it in a parked car in the cold. Don’t charge your phone when it’s cold and turn it off whenever possible to reduce the risk of damage from freezing temperatures. Source Link 

There are some ways to be frugal that can end up backfiring on you. Avoiding the cost of preventative care like dental checkups or oil changes can cause more-expensive problems later. Signing up for a store credit card for a one-time deal could leave you on the hook for high interest charges later and don’t let free trials become permanent monthly bills. Source Link 

It’s tough to be patient when you want to lose weight now, but what’s a safe level of weight loss? People who succeed do it gradually at about 1 to 2 pounds per week, which translates into 4 to 8 pounds a month. Remember that fad diets or highly restrictive eating plans may prompt fast weight loss, but not permanent weight loss. Source Link 

What does it cost to build a beginner’s home gym? How about less than $100? Start with a good mat for floor work like yoga, Pilates, ab exercises and push-ups. Get a stability ball for balance work and crunches. And for strength training, pick up a resistance band and a three-piece set of hand weights. Source Link 

More social connections in real life can help you live a happier life. Joining a club can foster a sense of belonging and protect against loneliness and isolation. And socializing with colleagues outside of work can build friendships and make work time more productive with people whose company you enjoy in and out of the office. Source Link 

Home sellers seem ready to play “Let’s Make a Deal” with buyers who are balking at high prices and soaring interest rates. About four out of 10 sellers are giving concessions to buyers and that’s the highest in years. Sellers are offering credits for things like big home repairs and more are settling for below asking price as home sales remain cool. Source Link 

How could online grocery shopping be healthier for you? A study found that people who shopped for food online spent less on junk food like candy, frozen desserts, cookies and cakes. But sugary beverages and sweet and salty snacks were still being purchased online probably because these are usually not impulse buys. Source Link 

Just like duct tape, there seems to be an unending list of uses for WD-40 spray lubricant. It’s used to remove chewing gum from hair, can shine the leaves of artificial plants and is sprayed on wire tomato cages to keep insects away. It can take the sting out of fire ant bites and even removes the sticky residue left by, guess what? Duct tape. Source Link 

When it comes to raising children, it’s better to be a gardener than a carpenter. A “gardener” parent helps a child’s interest grow on their own by cultivating a fertile landscape, while a “carpenter” parent tries to carve out interests and ambitions that they want to see in their child. Taking a gardener’s approach helps kids have a healthy environment to set their own direction. Source Link

The fake job opening is a scam that can cost you plenty. Bogus listings may ask you to pay something to get a job or send you a check to deposit that ends up bouncing and leaving you holding the bag. Visit a company’s website to verify job openings before you apply and search the company name along with words like, “scam” “review” or “complaint.” Source Link 

A ten-second test you can do at home might reveal your odds of living a longer life. A long-term study found that middle-aged people who couldn’t stand on one leg for 10 seconds were nearly twice as likely to die within a decade. Good balance is essential to avoid falls that can cause crippling injuries. Source Link 

An old school way to tell time might help you avoid jet lag on your next cross-country flight. A few days before leaving, start wearing a watch that’s set for your destination’s time zone. Using this throughout the day will help your brain adapt the body’s circadian rhythms to the different time before you leave. Source Link