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If you want to be an organ donor you need to get it in writing. Surveys show that 95 percent of people would like to be an organ donor but only about half take steps to make their wishes known. The supply of donor hearts continues to lag behind the need and most transplant recipients wait up to two years for a new heart. Source Link 

The masks that people now strap across their faces when going out in public may be putting a dent in spring allergy season. Many patients are doing better this year because they're wearing a mask when outside and spending more time indoors. A face covering can cut pollens and allergens that may enter your nose and mouth. Source Link 

Here’s a to-do list for a safer digital life. Do use strong passwords and don’t use the same or similar passwords for multiple sites. Do look for sites that require multi-factor authentication for logins and use it. And don’t share your address book with an app because that puts all your friend's information in someone else’s hands without their permission. Source Link

Parents who hang on next to the crib until their baby falls asleep may be sabotaging themselves. If your baby sees you as they drift off to sleep they’ll expect you to be there every time they wake up during the night. Laying a baby down to sleep while they’re awake helps them learn to fall asleep without you in the room. Source Link 

Most home moves happen in Spring and Summer and you can make yours easier with these tips. Mark boxes by room using stick-on color dots and save on buying boxes by putting clothes on hangers in a trash bag. Take a picture of how electronics are connected and use an “open first” box that holds essentials like toiletries, phone chargers or a change of clothes. Source Link

If you’re budgeting for your next flyaway vacation you can make your money go farther. Set fare alerts to be notified when prices drop and use points and miles to cut the ticket cost. If you need to pay to check a bag it can be cheaper to do it online rather than at the airport. At your destination you can save on admission costs with free museums and walking tours or hiking. Source Link

What are some red flags in a vehicle history report for that car you want to buy? Too many owners could mean the car has had ongoing problems and a salvage title shows that the vehicle was once totaled. And your mechanic should check to see if repairs were done properly if there’s an accident history with major structural damage or airbag deployment. Source Link 

When and what you eat can be an important combination for weight loss and better health. A high-protein breakfast might keep your appetite in check for the whole day, and a small meal with carbs and protein before exercise followed by a similar snack afterward can help you get the most from a workout. Source Link 

You like those discounts when you sign up for a store credit card but think twice about using that kind of plastic. Getting an upfront discount and zero-percent financing for six months is fine as long as you mind the calendar. Leaving any balance due after the term is up will mean a high-interest charge on the entire cost of the purchase. Source Link 

You should be putting more than just bank statements and old bills through that shredder. Airline boarding passes, prescription paperwork, free return labels and even extra birth announcements have information that could be used by identity thieves. And a vet bill may include a pet’s name which many people use in an online security question. Source Link 

What goes into picking a safe PIN? Avoid your birth date, a year in the 1900s, or an obvious numerical sequence. You can go with the birthday of a close friend, the date of your favorite holiday, or the current time and change your PIN periodically, especially when you hear about a data breach. Source Link 

The physical strain that comes from too much screen time might be cured in the blink of an eye. Typically, a person blinks about 30 times per minute but that can drop to just a few times per minute when focusing on a screen. One solution might be the “20-20-20” rule -- every 20 minutes, look away from the screen for 20 seconds at something that’s 20 feet away. Source Link 

A headache is always a pain, but when is it an emergency? If a headache comes on suddenly and feels explosive, is accompanied by high fever or nausea, or causes slurred speech, dizziness, confusion or an inability to move one side of your body, you should call 911. Such headaches could be the sign of a stroke, a brain tumor or even carbon monoxide poisoning. Source Link 

“Taking five” during the workday could be the ticket to improved productivity. Researchers found that people who took five-minute microbreaks bounced back from morning fatigue and sharpened their skills for the rest of the day. A microbreak could be having a snack, chatting with a coworker, stopping for a stretch or doing a quick crossword puzzle. Source Link

Does it make a difference if your young child is learning to read on a tablet or with a book? A study found that e-books could interfere with a child’s comprehension but a digital book could outperform a paper version if the e-book has special enhancements like interactive features that are responsive to the child. Source Link

When it comes to an allowance for your kids remember these tips. Be clear on what the money's for, be consistent on the amount of allowance and use cash or an electronic transfer so they only spend what they have. And remember that you shouldn’t pay your child for doing household chores. Source Link 

The arrival of spring pollen season could bring more COVID cases. High pollen counts can cause inflammation that weakens the immune system’s response to viruses which cause coughs and colds, including coronavirus. If you’re not vaccinated be sure to check pollen levels daily and avoid going out whether or not you're allergic. Source Link

If that last stimulus payment is still sitting in your checking account you can put it to work for long-term savings. Pay off high-interest debt or add the money to an IRA for retirement and tax benefits. Work on building an emergency fund to cover six months of household expenses and support local businesses by buying their gift cards to give them cash now. Source Link