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No one wants to miss an important online meeting because your laptop battery runs low and here are some tips to stay powered-up. Adjust settings to dim the screen brightness and shut down WiFi and Bluetooth when you aren’t using them. And don’t leave your laptop plugged in all the time because that can wear out your battery faster. Source Link 

Here’s why that piece of cake may taste even sweeter when paired with a cup of coffee. Researchers found that drinking coffee made people more sensitive to sweetness. But while taste was enhanced by a cup of coffee the familiar fragrance didn’t improve the sense of smell. Source Link 

Try this three-step plan to boost your happiness. Increase social connections with old friends or even strangers, but Facebook friends don’t count. Perform acts of kindness by volunteering, buying coffee for the person behind you in line or letting someone merge in front of you on the highway. And try exercising for a natural boost in feel-good hormones. Source Link 

If your mind starts racing after you wake up in the middle of the night you can try these tips to get back to sleep. Get out of bed and read a book - but nothing too exciting - or listen to an audiobook or a podcast that’s not a shoutfest. You can also head to the kitchen for a light snack like whole-grain crackers or popcorn that has carbs to help switch-on the body’s sleep hormones. Source Link 

When you're serious about buying that next home don’t forget to check these simple things before you make an offer. See if you can get a good cell phone signal inside the home and test your commute to find out what rush hour is like in the morning and in the evening. And ask about the neighbors and try to meet them, if possible. Source Link

Being prepared for an emergency room visit could help speed treatment and reduce anxiety when you need help fast. A convenient location is important, but so are the capabilities of the ER. Go to a hospital's website and see if they have physicians with special training such as pediatric emergency medicine and find out if the hospital is a trauma center equipped to stabilize and treat critical injuries Source Link

Are you falling for some of these myths about motoring? You don’t get better fuel mileage with a truck tailgate down and you won’t get more gas if you fill up in the cool of the morning. Your coolant and air filter don’t need to be changed every time with the oil and you can replace just one tire if it’s the same brand, model and size. Source Link 

Just talking indoors may spread the coronavirus over a significant part of a room. A new study found that a normal, indoor conversation creates a “jet-like” flow of air that quickly sprays tiny droplets across a room for a number of feet. Researchers say face masks do a very good job of stopping the air flow produced while speaking. Source Link

Like the one you use for unexpected injuries, a financial first aid kit can put important information close at hand in case of emergency. Include financial statements for investment and banking accounts and a record of your last credit score, a copy of your mortgage and the title for your car. These can be paper copies or a document that’s saved to a thumb drive. Source Link 

It’s easy to eat healthy anytime right from your freezer. Frozen shrimp or fish fillets are rich in protein and low in fat and frozen vegetables can be as nutritious as fresh. Frozen berries make a great smoothie; whole wheat flatbreads or tortillas will keep in the freezer for months and satisfy that sweet tooth with 100-percent fruit frozen treats. Source Link 

There’s evidence that adding gluten to your infant’s diet early on may help prevent celiac disease. Babies who were given wheat protein along with breast milk at four months old were less likely to develop gluten intolerance. People with celiac disease usually must cut out all gluten from their diets. Source Link 

If you’d rather not let the whole world see the outside of your home through Google Street View there’s an easy way to drop out of focus. Type your address into Google Maps and activate Street View to see your house. Click “report a problem” in the black bar at the bottom right of the screen and ask for your house to be blurred for safety reasons. Source Link 

Think of it as spring cleaning, except it happens in fall and the chores are outdoors. Store your lawn mower safely by draining the gasoline and replacing it with a special fuel mix that has no ethanol. And speaking of draining, don’t forget to winterize that sprinkler system by blowing out water from the lines and from any sprinkler heads. Source Link 

The answer to preventing falls in older age could be as simple as hitting the dance floor. Researchers found a one-third reduction in falls for seniors who took part in dance-based mind-motor activities with upright movements that emphasize balance and use music or an inner rhythm. This can include dance lessons, ballroom or folk dancing or even Tai Chi. Source Link 

It shouldn’t be surprising that authorities have identified more than 200 pandemic-related scams. That’s everything from phony vaccines and fake cures to scams promising to double your retirement savings. In romance scams, widows and widowers who can’t go out are befriended online by con artists who persuade them to give up their money. Source Link 

It would be great if these popular internet hacks really worked but they don’t. Leaving an avocado pit in guacamole won’t keep it from turning brown and lemon juice doesn’t make marble countertops shiny. Ice cubes don’t sharpen garbage disposal blades and brushing your teeth with charcoal can remove not just stains but the enamel too. Source Link 

Taking time to eat your veggies can make them easier to swallow. Every forkful of food must first be dissolved by saliva before the taste buds have a turn. If you include these foods more often in your diet the taste for them will eventually change. Source Link 

Need another reason to swap out that old carpeting for hardwood? It could be a major source of kids' exposure to harmful chemicals that were once used to make carpets stain- and soil-resistant. Experts say families, schools and daycares can eliminate that risk by replacing older carpets. Source Link