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When you need to take someone’s temperature, all home thermometers don’t measure up the same. Earwax can interfere with the accuracy of an ear thermometer and pacifier thermometers and fever strips are not recommended. A digital thermometer placed under the tongue is the gold standard but doesn’t work as well in the armpit. Source Link 

Being hunched over your phone isn't just a bad look -- it’s also bad for your body. Problems with headaches, digestion, breathing and even fatigue can be associated with bad posture. Besides less phone browsing, adjusting the height of a computer screen, using a stand-up desk or just standing up to stretch at least once every 30 minutes can help to straighten things out. Source Link 

If you own a car that’s less than 10 years old it probably takes care of this maintenance chore for you, but don’t expect it to work forever. The TPMS or tire pressure management system alerts you to low air pressure in a tire. It runs on a battery that lasts between five and seven years and is not replaceable, so you’ll need a new sensor for each tire. Source Link 

There’s one simple thing you can do to improve the odds that you’ll hit your retirement savings goal. People with a written retirement plan were 60 percent more likely to increase their 401-k contributions and twice as likely to stick to their savings plan. Only one out of four people say they have a written financial plan. Source Link 

You can make common sense choices about staying safe amid a pandemic by creating an exposure budget. A once-a-week grocery trip or exercising outdoors uses less of that budget but an indoor dinner party or a haircut uses more. And you blow your budget completely if you spend time in a crowd. Source Link 

It doesn’t have to be the “earlybird special” but eating your last meal of the day well before bedtime has real health benefits. Researchers found that people who ate dinner within a few hours of going to bed had higher blood sugar levels and increased stress hormones while they slept. Source Link 


A favorite pastime of childhood might be one of the best exercises to fight the effects of aging. Jumping rope is a great aerobic workout that has other benefits. Perfecting the coordination needed to jump rope can train your mind and muscles to work together and that can lower your risk for slips and falls. Source Link 

Here are a handful of easy steps that can help you eat better. Shop on a full stomach to avoid junk food cravings in the store and trade the processed sugar in candy for naturally sweet fruit. Skip the butter on your toast and use mashed avocado with healthy fats and choose colored plates that contrast with your food so you can easily see big portions. Source Link 

Think your email account may have been hacked? Check your “Sent” and “Drafts” folders for emails you didn’t write and search for terms like “password reset” in your emails for changes you didn’t make. And look at your read emails to see if any of these are ones that you haven’t opened. Source Link 

How can your smartphone help you declutter your house? Testing showed that people were more likely to donate an old unused item with sentimental value if they took a picture of it. Having a photo of the item served the same purpose to help people remember the moment. Source Link 

You may not be doing your feet any favors when you slip into flip-flops. Doctors say the go-to summer footwear offers no heel or arch support and can even alter your natural stride and cause shin splints or stress fractures. They’re okay for use at the beach but look for a pair that offers some arch support and a cushioned sole. Source Link 

Getting a workout at your local gym will be different in the post-COVID world. Big group exercise classes are out while social distancing means room for less equipment and some clubs may require reservations. And you’ll go home sweaty because showers are being closed to limit possible exposure to coronavirus. Source Link 

If you’re feeling ill and wondering should you go to work today, let the calendar answer the question. You’re most contagious during the first 48 hours of a cold or the flu, so stay home at the first sign of symptoms. A wet cough, a runny nose, fever or aches are things that should encourage you to call in sick. Source Link 

Frozen vegetables can be as tasty as fresh and easy to use when you remember these tips. Be careful not to overcook and try defrosting frozen vegetables in a colander under cold running water instead of using a microwave. You can add vegetables directly from the freezer in soups, stews and chili and in that breakfast smoothie. Source Link 

Learning skills to manage money can be fun and games for kids. Playing games like Monopoly or chess can teach your child to plan ahead and play to win. And if there’s a Fortnite fan in your family give them an allowance for in-game purchases to help them learn how to budget their spending. Source Link 

You change bedsheets to keep sleep time feeling fresh but do you know the right way to clean a mattress? Using a vacuum cleaner with an upholstery attachment or soft brush is a fast way but you can also sprinkle a box of baking soda on the mattress and leave it to sit there for a day. If you can flip your mattress, remember to do it every three months. Source Link 

They say it’s the small things that count and that’s true when it comes to budgeting. Most of us worry about the “pop” of big expenses like when an appliance breaks down unexpectedly but those “streams” of smaller spending can have an effect on your budget too. For example, a $5 latte every workday equals $1,000 a year that you could save to afford a new refrigerator. Source Link 

Are you a digital hoarder? You’re not alone. Just over half of people surveyed said they’ve never deleted any files, apps or other content from their devices. About four in ten people actively avoid deleting photos or videos and one-third say they have files on their devices that are more than 10 years old. Source Link