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If you use an app to remotely deposit checks into your bank account, don’t be quick to toss out that paper. Hang on to the check for two weeks in case the deposit doesn’t clear and you need to provide it to your bank. And when it’s safe to dispose of the check be sure to shred it so it can’t fall into the wrong hands. Source Link 

Sharing your sleep time with the dog is quite common these days. A study found that 49 percent of people let a dog sleep in their bed and another 20 percent said their dog sleeps somewhere in the bedroom. Few people said that the dog disturbs their sleep and researchers think the feeling of security from having them nearby outweighs the occasional interruptions. Source Link

Are there “superfoods” that can boost your brain health? Health experts say there’s no one food that can be the answer but an eating plan like the Mediterranean Diet with plenty of fruits, vegetables, fish and nuts can lead to better cognitive abilities in old age. On the other hand, the sluggishness you feel after a heavy meal is your brain reacting to all that fat and sugar. Source Link

Thinking outside that box of Mac and Cheese can really help when you’re donating to a local food bank. Some simple things like spices, salt and pepper, tea bags, sugar, flour and coffee are always welcome. Better yet, donating money to a food bank lets them purchase items at prices far lower than what you’d pay at the grocery store. Source Link 

If you believe COVID quarantining has made you gain weight, researchers say that’s probably not the case. A study found that one out of ten people believed they had gained weight but it was just one out of 50 who tipped the scales higher. Some people lost weight, a very few gained, but the vast majority stayed the same. Source Link

One simple move may help your child have a better credit rating when they’re older. Adding a child as an authorized user to a credit card helps them benefit from your good habits. Having a healthy credit score can be important for young adults who want to rent an apartment, sign up for utilities or get their own cell-phone plan. Source Link

Here’s a heart health test that you can do yourself just by taking the stairs. A study found that people who could climb four flights of stairs in less than a minute had a heart that was in good shape. If it takes you more than a minute-and-a-half to climb four floors it’s probably a good idea to consult a doctor. Source Link

Want to put your smartphone photo skills to work making money? Many websites buy photos from amateurs for sale in a stock library. For subject matter, think about timeliness to match current search trends. Create images that can portray a concept instead of an object or a place and shoot photos with people to illustrate this. Source Link

Bikers who don’t wear helmets are improving health care in a grim way. Researchers found that organ donations among unhelmeted riders rose three-fold after a state repealed its mandatory helmet law. Some hospital trauma staffers have a nickname for bikes of those who don’t wear a helmet. They call them “donorcycles.” Source Link

Follow these tips for safer house cleaning. When working with liquid cleaners, wear gloves to protect your skin and consider using a diluted vinegar solution or baking soda instead of stronger chemicals like bleach or ammonia. And remember to open a window and get fresh air in while you’re scrubbing with a strong cleaner. Source Link 

You can do a lot with your old smartphone after you buy that new one. Besides being a hand-me-down, your old phone could be a hands-free screen for use with Siri or Google Assistant or you can put it to work as a dedicated remote for your TV or smart home system. And that old phone can be a new handheld gaming device for young children who won’t need to play with your new phone. Source Link 

Should brushing your teeth be part of the morning ritual right after breakfast? You want to brush every morning but doing it immediately after breakfast or any meal can be hard on tooth enamel that’s been softened by acids in the food we eat. Waiting for 30 minutes to brush can protect your teeth from damage. Source Link 

Forgetfulness is common as we get older, but how can you tell if it’s just aging or the onset of Alzheimer’s? If memory loss makes it hard for you to handle your daily tasks or you’re really struggling to do things like follow directions in a familiar recipe or keep track of bills the way you used to do, those could be warning signs of memory problems. Source Link 

If push comes to shove, what’s your financial survival number? Find it by totaling the cost of rent or mortgage and utilities, groceries, dining out, transportation, household costs, clothing, health care and entertainment. Then take everything that isn’t a fixed cost and cut it down to the bare minimum. Source Link 

Here’s a simple one-minute exercise to help you fall asleep faster. Lie on your back and put one hand under your head along the ridge at the base of your skull. Place your other hand flat across your forehead, close your eyes and relax until you feel your pulse sync up between both hands. This sends a signal to your nervous system to bring more blood to the brain and helps you doze off. Source Link 

Who says the tools to improve your health have to carry a price tag? Meditating to reduce stress and improve sleep is free, and you’ll find plenty of free workout videos on YouTube. You can improve your mental health with a pen and paper by journaling and swapping water for soda is more healthy and will save you money. Source Link 

Loss of smell is a symptom of Covid-19, but there are a number of other possible causes. A nasal or sinus inflammation, allergies or another viral infection could be to blame. If it is Covid it might be one of the milder symptoms seen in people who don’t need to be hospitalized, but your sense of smell could take weeks or even months to return. Source Link

Will the new year bring an end to some old favorites in home decorating? Real estate experts think the Modern Farmhouse look is on its way out along with white-on-white kitchens. Classic tile patterns are also getting the thumbs-down and gray tones for paint are too bland for buyers looking for something to catch their eye in an online home search. Source Link