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If you’re one of the millions of people who buy or sell items on Craigslist or Facebook there’s a way to make the face-to-face transaction smooth and safe. You can meet in the parking lot of a police station or sheriff's department to exchange money and the item. These locations are well lit and usually under video surveillance 24 hours a day. Source Link 

Zombie eating isn’t just having a taste for humans. It’s also being glued to a phone or TV screen during a meal and not paying attention to what you’re eating. Nine out of ten people admit to it and a survey found that the average eater will stare at their phone twice during a meal and only have five screen-free meals per week. Source Link 

It can seem like there’s no longer wait than the one when you’re charging a phone but you can speed up the process. The fastest charge comes with your phone off or in Airplane Mode and using a wall outlet instead of plugging into a computer will make it faster. Remember that heat slows down charging so remove the case and keep the phone out of the sun. Source Link 

Can exposure to more germs make your child healthier? Some say the quest to sanitize our children’s lives may be leading to more allergies because without exposure to normal bacteria the body becomes hypersensitive. Aside from cold viruses, most homes don’t have germs that would be a major health risk to children. Source Link 

Exercise doesn’t have to be one-size-fits-all. If you’re a creature of habit, set a schedule for a daily workout in the morning or evening. If you want to maximize your effort a personal trainer can help. And if you’re more social you can look for a walking group, find an exercise class or join a club to play a sport like tennis. Source Link 

You probably have one of these everyday items that needs to be replaced. A toothbrush over three months old has frayed bristles that can hurt your teeth and gums and your contact lens case should be replaced four times a year to avoid bacteria build-up. Toss any sunscreen left from last summer and swap out your pillow or get a new zippered cover once a year. Source Link 

The antidote to being cooped up in an office may be to bring the outdoors inside. Surrounding yourself with natural things like plants and getting more sunlight can boost your mood and job satisfaction and could be a buffer to stress. Even a screensaver with nature photos might give you some of the benefits of the outdoor experience. Source Link 

Keeping air travel safe for your pet begins long before the plane leaves the ground. If your dog or cat is traveling in cargo, get them acclimated to the kennel they’ll be staying in to avoid injuries from biting or scratching at the cage. Stop solid food at least six hours before the flight and consult with your vet before giving pets any sedatives. Source Link 

It’s time to wake up and debunk some common myths about sleeping. A drink won’t help you sleep better and your body can’t function well on just five hours of sleep a night. And don’t assume that snoring is no big deal. Snoring that stops abruptly could be a sign of apnea that happens when throat passages close and you stop breathing. Source Link 

Make sure the “eyes” have it when you’re packing for that next trip. Many people aren’t prepared if their contact lenses are lost or can’t be worn while away from home. Be sure to bring eyeglasses and extra contacts with you and don’t assume that a foreign destination will have water that can be used for cleaning contacts. Source Link 

How can spending too much time on your smartphone make you fat? Most people are sedentary while using their phone and too much of that can lead to overweight or even obesity. A study found that five hours or more per day of smartphone use was associated with more consumption of sugary drinks, fast food, sweets and snacks. Source Link 

When you need a way to relax that doesn’t require an expensive vacation or a pricey day at the spa, you can embrace your inner child. The motion of swinging at the playground is naturally calming and a snack of milk and cookies will give you amino acids and carbs that can relax you. And break out the crayons or colored pencils because studies have shown that drawing or doodling can have a calming effect. Source Link 

What foods can you put on your plate that will help put a better smile on your face? Think about the nutrients that can build stronger teeth, like calcium in dairy products and eggs, and fish, meat and poultry that are rich in phosphorus. Vitamin C can come from citrus fruits and sweet potatoes, leafy greens and fish are good sources of vitamin A. Source Link 

In-car technology with voice commands and touchscreens may be a more dangerous distraction for older drivers. A study sponsored by AAA found that drivers between 55 and 75 years old with cars equipped this way took their eyes off the road longer than younger drivers, often because of the complexity and poor design of many systems. Source Link 

A bath before bedtime isn’t just a good idea for young children. Researchers found that adults who took a warm bath or shower before going to bed fell asleep faster and slept longer. Cooling down after a warm bath or shower jump-starts the body’s natural process of dropping your temperature to get you ready for sleep. Source Link 

Mandatory resort fees that hike the price after you book that hotel room is a growing problem. Unlike airlines, there’s no government agency that regulates the hotel industry so you’re on your own to uncover these additional fees. Read the fine print before you make a reservation or do an online search for the hotel name and “resort fees” to see what others have uncovered. Source Link 

It not unusual for parents to get the blues when a child heads off to college for the first time. You can ease this anxiety by having a plan for scheduled contacts, whether that’s by text, a phone call or an online chat. You can also explore new challenges of your own, reconnect with your partner and look for ways to broaden your circle of friends. Source Link 

It’s what you eat and when you eat it that can make it easier or harder to watch your weight. Front-loading your calories to eat more earlier in the day has been shown to help with weight loss. You can also try a four-meal-a-day plan with a second lunch that you eat at mid-afternoon instead of snacking after dinner. Source Link