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Want a family planning option that uses your smartphone instead of pills, shots or implants? The FDA has approved the Natural Cycles app as a form of birth control. It uses an oral thermometer to track body temperature and calculate fertility. The method can be 97 percent effective but critics say that’s only when women strictly follow the program each and every day. Source Link 

If you've always got your mind on your money, give yourself a break by automating your budget. Experts say you can manage your money without the headaches by using direct deposit of your paycheck with automatic bill payments and automatic transfers to savings. And if you budget correctly what’s left is money you can spend any way you’d like. Source Link 

Forget about chewing gum - the bigger problem is that most people can’t walk and use their cellphone. A study with video cameras at a busy intersection found more than a third of pedestrians were distracted by texting or talking on a cell phone. That made them more likely to trip on potholes or sidewalk cracks or step into traffic without looking. Source Link 

Parents who hang on next to the crib until their baby falls asleep may be sabotaging themselves. Experts say if your baby sees you there as they drift off to sleep they’ll expect you to be there every time they wake up during the night. Leaving a baby to sleep while they’re awake helps them learn to fall asleep without you in the room. Source Link 

A headache is always a pain, but when is it an emergency? If a headache comes on suddenly and feels explosive, is accompanied by high fever or nausea, or causes slurred speech, dizziness, confusion or an inability to move one side of your body, you should call 911. Such headaches could be the sign of a stroke, a brain tumor or even carbon monoxide poisoning. Source Link 

Recycling can be more than plastic, paper and glass. There are national programs to recycle things like used crayons, wine corks and old eyeglasses. A juice box can’t go into home recycling because of the mix of plastics and aluminum but the company that makes juice boxes will donate two cents to charity for every one that you send to them and shipping is free. Source Link 

For some seniors, a few weeks in the hospital or on bed rest might trigger diabetes. A study of overweight seniors with pre-diabetes showed that two weeks of inactivity could lead to elevated blood sugar levels and the onset of type-2 diabetes. Researchers say some patients didn’t fully recover even after resuming normal activity. Source Link

You can reduce the risk of an electrical fire in your home with a safety check every six months. Make sure all bulbs in lamps are the proper wattage and that all electrical outlets and switches feel cool to the touch. Flip circuit breakers to see if any are stuck, check for damaged power cords and unplug all bathroom and kitchen small appliances when you’re not using them. Source Link 

Try these tips from travel experts to save on your next airfare. Use several price comparison sites that sometimes have special deals with airlines, especially for travel packages. Check for other airports near your destination that may have lower ticket prices and use the calendar view in your search to see airfares and possible savings on other days of the week. Source Link 

Need some simple hacks to help your diet be more successful? Keep your appetite down during grocery shopping by eating a piece of fruit before you hit the store. Always have snacks from a bowl and not the bag while watching TV. Get in the habit of weighing yourself every day to be aware of changes and learn what’s a healthy portion for the foods you eat. Source Link

You can probably declare a truce with your elementary schooler in the war over daily bathing. Health experts say most kids between 6 and 11 years old only need a bath or shower a few times a week. The exceptions are when they’re really dirty, develop body odor or have been swimming in a lake or ocean. Source Link 

If you have a fax machine connected to a home or office network, you need to update its software. Security experts discovered that malicious files disguised as a real fax can be sent to a connected machine and infect the computers on the network. If you can’t update the fax machine software you should move it to a network that’s not connected to other computers. Source Link 

Can a picture of food help preschoolers eat more veggies? A study found that young children ate more of their vegetables on plates that were segmented and printed with pictures of vegetables. The special plates that are commonly available online are based on the USDA’s dietary plan. Source Link 

If you’re a middle-aged person who feels a little dizzy whenever you stand up, you might have more concerns about dementia later in life. The dizziness is caused by a sharp drop in blood pressure and is common in those over 70, but people who experienced it in middle age were 50 percent more likely to develop dementia in the next 25 years. Source Link 

Your college student should probably put away that smartphone or tablet when they head to class. In a study, students who used electronic devices for non-learning while in lectures had lower grades on the final exam. Researchers say it’s more proof that dividing your attention in a classroom setting can impact learning. Source Link 

How can you enjoy the flavor of real chocolate without all the calories? Add unsweetened cocoa to fat-free milk, mix it into low-calorie yogurt or use it to make your own chocolate gelato. If you’re eating chocolate, be sure it’s at least 70 percent cocoa and limit your portion to one that’s about the size of a Hershey’s Kiss. Source Link 

It’s a simple step that might save your child’s life. Millions of car seats are recalled every year for safety issues, so you should mail in the warranty card or register online to be notified if there’s a problem with the car seat you use. You can also see a listing of car seat recalls for the past 10 years at Source Link 

What you’re wearing and what you’re doing may determine whether a mosquito wants to make a meal of you. Experts say mosquitoes are highly visual and attracted to people dressed in dark colors who are moving around. Chemical smells also attract mosquitoes and that could be lactic acid given off through your skin after exercising or the carbon dioxide you exhale. Source Link