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What can make up for a day of sitting? How about an hour of exercise? Research shows that exercise has a more powerful effect in helping the heart than sitting does in harming it, so one hour of physical exercise could counteract the effects of sitting six to seven hours a day. Too much sitting has been linked to obesity, heart disease and high blood pressure. Source Link 

You change bedsheets to keep sleep time feeling fresh but do you know the right way to clean a mattress? Using a vacuum cleaner with an upholstery attachment or soft brush is a fast way but you can also sprinkle a box of baking soda on the mattress and leave it to sit there for a day. If you can flip your mattress, remember to do it every three months. Source Link 

They say it’s the small things that count and that’s true when it comes to budgeting. Most of us worry about the “pop” of big expenses like when an appliance breaks down unexpectedly but those “streams” of smaller spending can have an effect on your budget too. For example, a $5 latte every workday equals $1,000 a year that you could save to afford a new refrigerator. Source Link 

Building a better breakfast sandwich starts with what it’s made of. Skip the croissants or biscuits and try a whole-wheat English muffin, tortilla or pita wrap. Include four ounces of protein from eggs, turkey sausage or lean meat leftovers like chicken along with plenty of veggies and add some kick with salsa or hot sauce. Source Link 

You might lower blood pressure, ease depression, improve digestion and sleep better without medicines or treatments by practicing meditation. Start by sitting or laying down for about 5 minutes and let your mind wander without trying to control it. Another technique is to focus on your breathing or stare at an object. Source Link 

TV binge-watching may seem fun but your body and brain might beg to differ. Sitting for long periods and eating junk food isn’t good for your body and watching show after show can have the same effect on your brain as compulsive gambling. Make sure a TV binge doesn’t interrupt your sleep, try standing up for five minutes during each episode and pick healthy snacks. Source Link 

If your home WiFi won’t fly, look to your router for relief. Your home router’s power plug could be the culprit so make sure it’s tightly connected to an outlet. Keep the router cool by not placing it in a cabinet or anywhere with little ventilation. If all else fails, reboot your router by unplugging it for 10 seconds. Source Link 

When it comes to eating, size and speed are two factors that could have you tipping the scales even more. In a study, people who were given more food ate as much as 43% more when the portion size was increased by 75%. And those who ate faster or took bigger bites also tended to eat more food. Source Link 

Need a game plan for ridding your home of too much stuff? Rather than once a week, commit to 30 consecutive days of tidying up. Put everything you don’t need in a box and seal it up for 12 months. If you haven’t opened it in a year you can discard it. And after you’ve cleaned, turn down that internal nick-picking voice that says it isn’t good enough. Source Link

Hitting your weight loss goal is great but it’s only half the battle. To keep that weight off, experts say don’t ease off on exercise, choose a forever diet and increase food intake very gradually. And maintain the support network of friends, family or health professionals who helped you achieve your weight loss goal. Source Link 

Preparations to send a child off to college should include some straight talk before moving day. Discuss what decisions you expect them to tackle on their own and when to ask for help. Talk about academic priorities and healthy ways to manage stress and plan for weekly video chats or occasional visits to look for any worrisome changes. Source Link 

Tin foil isn’t just for cooking or leftovers. Fold a 12-inch long sheet of heavy-duty tin foil into six layers and cut with a pair of scissors to sharpen them or line an ironing board cover with tin foil to press both sides of an item at the same time. And a ball of crumpled tin foil can be used with soap and water to scrub burnt-on food from pots and pans. Source Link

Safety experts say you can prevent tragedies in a hot car by remembering to “ACT.” “A” is to avoid ever leaving a child alone in a car. “C” is to create reminders like putting your briefcase or purse next to the child, and “T” is to take action and call 9-1-1 if you ever see a child alone in a car. Source Link 

How can you know if you’re having a “silent” heart attack that happens without any of the typical symptoms? A silent heart attack may include indigestion, feeling like you have a strained muscle in the chest or upper back, or prolonged, excessive fatigue. Diagnosis after the fact is important because having a silent heart attack increases the risk of heart failure. Source Link

Listening to music to fall asleep may actually leave you wide awake. Researchers found that the brain keeps processing “earworms” that are catchy parts of a tune and this can interfere with getting to sleep. The more you listen to music at bedtime, the more likely you are to catch an earworm that won't go away. Source Link

Picking the right channel isn’t just a TV thing -- it’s also important for your WiFi router. Streaming video generally works best using the 5 GHz channel and other devices can use 2.4Ghz. And locate your router away from cordless phones, Bluetooth speakers, microwave ovens and baby monitors that give off signals that can interfere with your router. Source Link 

How many of these myths about eyesight do you believe? Reading in dim light does not worsen vision but it may tire your eyes more quickly. Likewise, staring at a computer screen will not permanently harm your eyes, but it may cause eyestrain. Wearing glasses won't worsen vision and eye exercises won’t help you see better. Source Link 

There are some simple ways to help you remember to take medications. Use a pillbox with spaces for daily doses and place it in an area where it will be easily seen. If you take your medication first thing in the morning, put it near an alarm clock or coffee pot or set an alarm when its time to take your medications. Source Link