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Looking for an activity that can bring together family members near and far? A family book club can make love for reading into a shared experience either in-person or by Skype or FaceTime. Consider a variety of books to introduce you to new topics or genres and let each family member take a turn at selecting the next book to read. Source Link 

Playing some of your favorite games might be a great way to improve brain health for older people. Memory games like Match or Simon or word games like Scrabble or electronic versions of games like Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, Family Feud or Trivial Pursuit can exercise that most important muscle and be fun for young and old alike. Source Link 

How can your smartphone help you declutter your house? Testing showed that people were more likely to donate an old unused item with sentimental value if they took a picture of it. Having a photo of the item served the same purpose to help people remember the moment. Source Link 

Social distancing at home is just the first step in keeping healthy during a pandemic. You can also do a daily home workout with exercises like jumping jacks, lunges or jogging in place and cook heart-healthy meals with canned or frozen fruits and vegetables, frozen meats and whole-grain pasta. And stay socially connected with friends and family via text, video chat or phone call. Source Link 

Getting the most from a workday at home takes some planning. Know what time of day you’re most productive at tackling those big tasks and set rules about when and how long you’ll check social media. Don’t sit for long periods, put boundaries on when the workday ends and try to get outside for a lunchtime run, a walk or a bike ride. Source Link 

You can give kids of all ages a financial head start. Opening a Roth IRA for them lets you grow savings that’ll be tax-free to use in retirement. And responsible teens can be added to your credit card to begin building their own credit score. Source Link 

When you calculate its price per gallon your printer ink is like liquid gold, so here are some tips to get the most from it. Try switching font type and size -- Times New Roman is better and Arial is worse. Use Print Preview to avoid wasting ink and paper when printing a web page. And forget the warnings and replace a cartridge only when it’s completely empty and can no longer print. Source Link 

Improving your credit score can happen faster if you remember these two tips. Paying your bills on time and keeping total credit card debt under 30 percent of your limit accounts for about two-thirds of your credit score. Doing both of these diligently might help your credit score begin to climb within six months. Source Link 

Don’t be in a rush to kill viruses on surfaces in your home. Spray or wipe the cleaner on and let it dry instead of wiping it off immediately. A solution of one-quarter cup bleach in a gallon of cold water can be an effective and affordable cleaner but be sure to use it when you mix it because it’s disinfecting power fades with time. Source Link 

Your child doesn’t have to be in school to begin to learn the value of money. Little ones can use a piggy bank to show how to build up and divide their money into spending, long-term savings and giving. And older kids can help create a grocery list using real prices with a fixed dollar amount to spend. Source Link 

If your dog doesn’t seem to listen to you it might not be stubbornness at work. Hearing loss in dogs can be common and warning signs include sleeping through loud noises and different barking habits as well as not responding to verbal cues. The good news is that dogs often adapt to the change and you can help by using more visual cues. Source Link 

What are the signs to look for in a good car salesman and how do you spot a bad one? A bad salesman tries to size you up with questions about what kind of vehicle or payment you had in mind, ignores your concerns about price and may not even offer a test drive. A good salesman listens to you, knows their product inside and out and never lies. Source Link 

The purse, backpack or diaper bag you carry could be a danger zone for little hands so think about how you fill it. Always use child-safe medicine bottles and keep those away from spots where youngsters might look for treats. And stash any cosmetics, skincare products and small loose items like coins, breath mints or cough drops that could be a choking hazard. Source Link 

That first cup of coffee in the morning might help you focus on success in the day ahead but don’t expect it to jump-start your creativity. Researchers found that caffeine could boost so-called convergent thinking such as problem-solving but divergent thinking that’s linked to creativity wasn’t improved for coffee drinkers. Source Link 

We’re all thinking more about how to keep surfaces clean but how do you do that with the number-one touchpoint for most people? You can clean your phone screen with a dry microfiber cloth or one that’s with some water on it but never spray anything on the screen. You can also disinfect with a mixture of half distilled water and half white vinegar. Source Link 

What are some red flags in a vehicle history report for that car you want to buy? Too many owners could mean the car has had ongoing problems and a salvage title shows that the vehicle was once totaled. And your mechanic should check to see if repairs were done properly if there’s an accident history with major structural damage or airbag deployment. Source Link 

When and what you eat can be an important combination for weight loss and better health. A high-protein breakfast might keep your appetite in check for the whole day, and a small meal with carbs and protein before exercise followed by a similar snack afterward can help you get the most from a workout. Source Link 

You like those discounts when you sign up for a store credit card but think twice about using that kind of plastic. Getting an upfront discount and zero-percent financing for six months is fine as long as you mind the calendar. Leaving any balance due after the term is up will mean a high-interest charge on the entire cost of the purchase. Source Link