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What’s the sweet spot for shuteye? A worldwide study found that people who slept an average of seven to eight hours a night performed better on mental ability tests than those who got more or less sleep. And burning the candle at both ends can really age you. People who got only four hours of sleep a night performed as if they were almost nine years older. Source Link 

For many people, “home sweet home” is not their refuge from the world. In a survey, only about half of people said they get a sense of belonging at home whether they live alone or with family, friends or strangers. Nearly half of Americans said their favorite quiet spot was sitting by themselves in a car. Source Link 

While most new phones have bigger screens there are some that think smaller is better. The new Palm ultra-mobile phone literally fits in the palm of your hand and has a limited set of Google apps. You can go even smaller with a new phone debuting in Japan that’s the size of a credit card or try the Light Phone 2 that’s just for just calls, texts and alarms. Source Link 

You can build a home gym around the kinds of activities that you enjoy. If that’s walking or running, try a treadmill or elliptical trainer. A rowing machine is great if you like cross-country skiing. A thick, washable mat is a must for floor exercises and strength training can use a simple set of resistance bands, dumbbells and free weights or a multi-station home weight machine. Source Link 

When it comes to your teeth, the most effective brushing is not so fast, not so hard and not just on top. Plaque builds up at the gum line so focus your brushing there with smaller, gentle strokes. Don’t hold the toothbrush tightly in your fist - a fingertip grip will help you brush correctly - and be sure to brush for at least two minutes twice a day. Source Link 

You need to read the fine print before you download that subscription app to your iPhone for a free trial. Users are complaining that some apps automatically charge them as much as $169 for an annual subscription as soon as the trial period ends. You give approval to charge the credit card attached to your Apple account when you start using the trial version. Source Link

Sharing time with your long-distance grandchildren doesn’t have to be just a phone call or a FaceTime session. You can work on projects together, whether that’s drawing in a shared sketchbook or building the same hobby items. You can also read the same books and then discuss them with your grandchildren. Source Link 

When your mind races after you wake up in the middle of the night you can try these tips to get back to sleep. Get out of bed and read a book - but nothing too exciting - or listen to an audiobook or a podcast that’s not a shoutfest. You can also head to the kitchen for a light snack like whole-grain crackers or popcorn that has carbs to help switch-on the body’s sleep hormones. Source Link 

A green thumb can make your home more healthy when you keep plants that clean toxic chemicals from the air. A spider plant, bamboo plant or aloe vera plant can remove formaldehyde from indoor air and a philodendron can remove chemicals from paint thinners. All are easy to care for and only need occasional watering. Source Link

You can make this a better day on a count of three. Start by taking three deep breaths every time you sit down at your desk or step to your work spot. Deep breathing calms the nervous system and is the first step to learning meditation that can reduce stress and help you deal with emotional issues. Source Link 

Cold season is coming soon but don’t be quick to give a young child some medicine for that coughing and sneezing. Experts say over-the-counter cough and cold remedies should not be given to children younger than 6 because there's no evidence they help and store-bought medicines carry potentially dangerous side-effects for kids. Source Link 

You probably have a better memory for faces than you realize. A study found that the average person can recognize about 5,000 faces, including people they know from their personal lives, as well as famous faces. Researchers say some people have a natural ability to put a face to a name and others get better at it by focusing on a face when they meet someone. Source Link 

Eating less often might be a powerful tool in the fight against type-2 diabetes. A study found that men who fasted on alternate days lost weight, reduced blood sugar levels and were able to stop taking some medications. You should always talk with your doctor before making any change in your diabetes treatment program. Source Link 

There’s hope if you have a “black thumb” and are always killing houseplants. Start simple and avoid those that flower and know what’s too much or too little water for your plant. Check instructions to see if it needs direct or indirect sun and don’t be quick to toss that sick plant if all it needs is some extra care. Source Link 

Is hugging it out good for you on a hard day? In a study, people who got a comforting hug felt less upset and ended the day in a better mood. It goes both ways because research has shown that people who are huggers also have better overall health and stronger relationships. Source Link 

Training to prevent falls can help seniors avoid an injury that may land them in a nursing home. A study found that seniors could reduce their risk for a fall with a strength and balance program, medication changes, corrective eyewear and occupational therapy. One in four people over 65 falls each year and some never fully recover. Source Link 

If eating out is showing up on your waistline there are ways to beat that bulge. Choose a restaurant with healthier fare, like Asian cuisine or Greek or Spanish that feature fish, grilled lean meat and vegetables. Look for online menus and know what you’ll have before you arrive. And instead of an entree try sharing several appetizers and have one dessert for all. Source Link 

Hands-free control of your Android smartphone is taking a big step forward with a new app. Google Voice Access allows users to write text and navigate through apps with voice commands by assigning numbers to clickable buttons and controls. It also adds more voice commands to control functions like turning Bluetooth or WiFi on and off. Source Link