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Answering just two questions could be the key to killing clutter in your home. Start by categorizing items as useful or decorative. For useful items, ask yourself if you’ve used it in the past year. For decorative pieces, ask yourself if you “love” it. If the answer to the question is “no” it’s time to sell, recycle, give away or donate the item. Source Link 

Looking for an app to help you relax? Skip the meditating and try playing a game. A study found that playing a smartphone game made more people feel energized and less tired. On the other hand, using a mindfulness app tended to make people feel more lethargic. Source Link 

You’ll be surprised at what you can do with dental floss besides cleaning your teeth. In a pinch, you can use dental floss to slice foods like cake or cookie dough, replace a broken shoelace or fix the hinge on a pair of eyeglasses. And a string of dental floss tied to a leaky faucet and left hanging down can stop that annoying drip, drip, drip. Source Link 

A simple change to your Windows computer setup could make you a lot safer from hackers. Switch from being an Administrator to a Standard user to prevent any malicious programs from making changes to your computer. You can create a new Standard user under Accounts from the Settings icon in your Start menu. Source Link 

When is travel insurance a smart buy? Getting travel insurance for an expensive international trip makes sense because you have more to lose and it might help with medical expenses should you become ill outside of the country. And it’s smart to buy travel insurance for a cruise if you book it a year ahead of time because your situation may change and force a cancellation. Source Link 

If your commute includes stop-and-go traffic there’s one auto part that can help you breathe easier. An activated charcoal cabin air filter can remove most of the pollutants from exhaust fumes that build up while you’re stopped. You should have the cabin air filter checked with every oil change. Source Link 

Your cell phone could be carrying more germs than a toilet seat but there are ways to clean it up. Keeping your phone out of the bathroom will help along with an occasional cleaning with a microfiber cloth or a solution of water and rubbing alcohol. And wash your hands frequently because that’s how most germs make it to your phone. Source Link 

You can have more success with your workouts with these trainer tips. Don’t race through a workout because bad form can lead to injuries and shorten your routine instead of skipping it if you’re tired or rushed for time. And dress the part in exercise wear that makes you look good and feel comfortable. Source Link 

If you’re new to investing you might skip the research and get out the dartboard. A study found that novice investors did just as well picking stocks at random as they did when creating a stock portfolio. That’s because many newcomers choose less-risky stocks and fail to diversify. Source Link 

Who goes to the doctor when they aren’t sick? Smart people. The annual wellness visit offers you and your doctor an opportunity to review your health habits and lifestyle changes over the past year and conduct screenings and tests and catch up on vaccinations. Most health insurance plans pay for an annual wellness visit with no out-of-pocket cost to you. Source Link 

Exercising to lose weight isn’t just a matter of sweating off those pounds. Studies show the longer you exercise the more fat you’ll burn but shorter high-intensity interval training can cut your appetite so you eat less. Exercise builds calorie-burning muscle so try short and longer workouts to see which works best for you. Source Link 

Most of us need to eat more fruits and vegetables but you don’t have to adjust your meal menus to get those five to seven servings a day. Snacking on fresh fruit or raw vegetables could satisfy your nutritional needs, but cooking tomatoes, sweet potatoes or carrots provides the most nutrients from those vegetables. Source Link 

You can do a lot with your old smartphone after you buy that new one. Besides being a hand-me-down, your old phone could be a hands-free screen for use with Siri or Google Assistant or you can put it to work as a dedicated remote for your TV or smart home system. And that old phone can be a new handheld gaming device for young children who won’t need to play with your new phone. Source Link 

Should brushing your teeth be part of the morning ritual right after breakfast? You want to brush every morning but doing it immediately after breakfast or any meal can be hard on tooth enamel that’s been softened by acids in the food we eat. Waiting for 30 minutes to brush can protect your teeth from damage. Source Link

Being seriously injured in a fall isn’t just a concern for seniors because people in their 50s who take multiple medications are also at higher risk. Using prescription drugs to treat anxiety, insomnia and pain can increase the odds for a fall, as can alcohol and illicit drug use. Falls are associated with hospitalization and even early death. Source Link 

If you’re ready to make the switch to whole grains be sure you’re getting all you want. Many foods that are labeled “made with whole grains” or “multigrain” could be using a tiny percentage of whole grains while the rest is refined flour. Only foods labeled “100% whole grains” use just that. Source Link 

You can do strength training at home without any weights or other equipment. Jumping jacks can be a strength and cardio workout and squats use your body’s weight. Or press your back into a wall and slide it down the wall as you walk your feet out in front of you, bending at the knees. Source Link 

How do you raise kids who are smart about money? Build their financial awareness by pointing out prices on a menu, comparing labels at the supermarket and explaining the costs of living like paying for a house, car, and utilities. And use that magic word “no” to teach budgeting and demonstrate the difference between wants and needs. Source Link