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A vacuum sealed freezer bag can keep food longer but you don’t need a sealing machine to do it. Place the food in any freezer bag, squeeze out the air and zip it closed. Put a piece of aluminum foil over both sides of the end of the bag and then run a hot iron over the end to seal the bag for storage in the freezer. Source Link 

Malware-infected apps and clicking on bogus links in text messages or emails can let a hacker inside your phone and there are warning signs to watch for. Your phone may be hot to the touch from malware that’s running at top speed or your battery is draining faster or data use is spiking. Also watch for emails or text messages sent from your phone but weren’t written by you. Source Link 

A vacation from work is something your body needs. The physical response to workday pressures is to create hormones like adrenaline and cortisol that help you meet deadlines and other challenges but without breaks this process goes into overdrive, causing anxiety and burnout. A vacation is a hard reset that interrupts this cycle. Source Link 

Six out of ten Americans suffer digital eye strain from too much screen time and there are some simple remedies. Position a computer monitor so your eye level is 15 inches above the center of the screen and remember the 20-20-20 rule -- every 20 minutes, look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds. Source Link 

 We all like to check online reviews before making a purchase, but how can you tell the honest ones from the fakes? Red flags to look for are a high percentage of five-star reviews, a lack of detail or vague praise, and generic review titles like, “nice product.” And look for multiple reviews on specific dates, especially if there are long gaps of time between those dates. Source Link 

Getting the most out of a weekend can take more than just getting away from the job. Make some plans ahead of time to have something to look forward to during the week and avoid lots of scrolling through social media or watching TV because those can make time seem to pass faster. And look for a hobby or activities that are different from your type of day-to-day work. Source Link

Getting the most from your health insurance isn’t something to do only when you’re sick. Many policies include wellness programs to improve your health and help you avoid chronic conditions. Nutrition, smoking cessation, fitness, combating substance abuse and stress management are among the common wellness offerings that are often free or discounted. Source Link 

 Creating a will can help your heirs if you don’t make these mistakes. Name one person as the executor and then have alternates and be sure all of your accounts and property have a beneficiary upon death or a co-owner. And be specific about who gets any item with sentimental value to avoid a family feud after you're gone. Source Link 

Talking with your hands can make you more persuasive. Gesturing with a thumb and forefinger together and holding up fingers as you talk about a series of things are both powerful visual cues. So is holding your hand over your heart or holding both hands with palms up and moving them up and down to demonstrate weighing two options. Source Link 

You need a late-night snack that won’t keep you up until the break of dawn. Look for foods that give you the most nutritional bang for your buck and won’t upset your stomach, such as walnuts, bananas, greek yogurt, or a rice cake with peanut butter. Dark chocolate-covered nuts are another choice, but go easy on them because the caffeine in chocolate can be a real eye opener. Source Link

Medicare fraud is a major problem and there are ways to spot a scam before you get taken. Medicare will not make an unsolicited contact to verify your information and watch out for an offer of free medical supplies that asks you to give up your Medicare number. And never let anyone but your doctor review your medical records to recommend services. Source Link

If you love microwave popcorn you may want to think twice about that fast snack. Nearly all microwave popcorn comes in packaging with chemicals that accumulate in your body and may interfere with your immune system. The safer choice is to use an air popper or a pan on the stove with a dash of oil to make your popcorn. Source Link

If you’re budgeting for your next flyaway vacation you can make your money go farther. Set fare alerts to be notified when prices drop and use points and miles to cut the ticket cost. If you need to pay to check a bag it can be cheaper to do it online rather than at the airport. At your destination you can save on admission costs with free museums and walking tours or hiking. Source Link 

Here’s a to-do list for a safer digital life. Do use strong passwords and don’t use the same or similar passwords for multiple sites. Do look for sites that require multi-factor authentication for logins and use it. And don’t share your address book with an app because that puts all your friend's information in someone else’s hands without their permission. Source Link 

When it comes to nutrition there’s often no good substitute for the real thing. For example, taking calcium and fiber supplements doesn’t work as well as eating foods that are naturally high in fiber or rich in calcium. And research has shown that many low fat and diet items contain much more added sugar and salt than their regular-fat counterparts. Source Link 

Behold the lowly bar of soap – it’s a great tool for those home repair projects. Rubbing soap into a nail hole can fill it until you paint and when you’re painting trim next to a window you can rub soap along the glass to keep splatters from sticking. And rubbing a bar of soap on door hinges and even floorboards can silence those squeaks. Source Link 

When you store food in freezer bags, try this tip to make it an easier fit. Slip a zipped bag of food into an empty cereal box and put that in the freezer. Once frozen, take it out of the box and stack your frozen food like bricks. This will also help the freezer operate more efficiently with less air space between items. Source Link 

Prices at the dollar store aren’t what they used to be but you can still find bargains by shopping smart. Disposable items like gift wrap, paper plates, napkins and cups are a better buy but avoid breakables that aren’t as sturdy and shy away from electronics that may not last. And come with a shopping list because a cart full of impulse buys even at the dollar store will add up fast. Source Link