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The 2020 tax filing season is officially underway and you might be able to do your federal taxes for free. A number of tax preparation services offer free electronic filing based on income and age but to get the free offer you need to start from the IRS web site. To find out if you qualify, go to Source Link 

The bacteria that cause the most dangerous infections are lingering in more homes but you can fight back. In a study, the superbug MRSA was found on bathroom sinks and countertops, refrigerator door handles, TV remotes, computer keyboards, and bedsheets and bath towels. Keeping your home free of clutter and grime and frequent hand-washing can be your best defense. Source Link 

When it comes to classifying foods that are good or bad for you, the basic labels don’t always fit. Bread, pasta and rice made with whole grains are good for you and healthy fats like those found in avocados and nuts are part of a balanced diet. And three daily servings of low-fat dairy products can be a better choice. Source Link 

When should a senior citizen hang up the car keys for good is a question that can be answered with the help of a primary care physician who understands their health conditions, capacities, and challenges. Vision, thinking skills and physical function all play a part and families should start the discussion early before a driving mishap forces the issue. Source Link 

Diet sodas may not be a healthy alternative because they’ve been associated with an increased risk of stroke, heart disease and heart attack. If you like the sparkle of soda, try plain seltzer with a squeeze of citrus fruit, grated ginger, chopped mint or a teaspoon of vanilla. Or replace soda with milk for more protein and calcium. Source Link 

Brown-bagging your mid-day meal doesn’t have to be boring if you can think outside the lunchbox. Try adding one new vegetable or fruit each week and pack more than lunch with healthy snacks to make it through the day. And watch out for too much sugar at lunchtime because it can fuel a mid-afternoon energy crash. Source Link 

If those New Year’s resolutions are all broken you might want to hit the reset button on Monday. Instead of an annual effort on January 1st, you can make any week an opportunity for a fresh start on special goals. And if you begin the week well, you’re more likely to keep going through the rest of the week. Source Link 

How many of these myths about eyesight do you believe? Reading in dim light does not worsen vision but it may tire your eyes more quickly. Likewise, staring at a computer screen will not permanently harm your eyes, but it may cause eyestrain. Wearing glasses won't worsen vision and eye exercises won’t help you see better. Source Link 

There are some simple ways to help you remember to take medications. Use a pillbox with spaces for daily doses and place it in an area where it will be easily seen. If you take your medication first thing in the morning, put it near an alarm clock or coffee pot or set an alarm when its time to take your medications. Source Link 

Picking the right channel isn’t just a TV thing -- it’s also important for your WiFi router. Streaming video generally works best using the 5 GHz channel and other devices can use 2.4Ghz. And locate your router away from cordless phones, Bluetooth speakers, microwave ovens and baby monitors that give off signals that can interfere with your router. Source Link 

Try these tips to help you save on grocery costs. Stockpile staples like dry goods, meats, cheese and bread when on sale and freeze them and buy family packs to last for several meals. Plan meals for the week before you shop and use a cash-back credit card for built-in savings with every purchase. Source Link 

Avoiding foods high in sugar and processed carbs might help older women sleep better at night. In a study, post-menopausal women with a high sugar/high carb diet were more likely to suffer from insomnia. That combination can cause big fluctuations in blood sugar levels that can release natural hormones like adrenaline and cortisol that interfere with sleep. Source Link 

If coffee is essential to your wake-up routine you might try a less-caffeinated approach to the start of your morning. Listen to an upbeat music playlist, perform morning stretches like head and shoulder rolls, splash your face with cold water or drink a cold glass of water and have a healthy and balanced breakfast. Source Link 

Ever wonder why most are airplane seats are blue? It’s equal parts of psychology and physics. Blue is a calming color and that’s good in a stressful environment like a packed airliner and blue makes you feel cooler in a seat where many people feel hot. And blue is the choice of many airlines because it doesn’t show dirt or stains like other colors. Source Link

Let’s look at America’s snacking by the numbers. A survey found that about a third of us prefer sweet snacks, a third like salty and the rest have no preference. Milk chocolate was the favorite for sweet tooths, potato chips topped the list for salt lovers, and chocolate and caramel was the favorite combination. The average person spends about $10 a week on snacks. Source Link 

You should “Take 10” before heading to the doctor for an antibiotic prescription for that cough or sinus infection. Up to 50-percent of antibiotic prescriptions are unnecessary, so wait 10 days for symptoms to resolve unless you're running a high fever, have severe pain or if symptoms appear rapidly. Source Link 

Buying medical insurance to use when traveling out of the country is a good idea but be sure you’re getting all of the coverage you need. Most policies are designed to cover illness or injuries that happen on your trip and pre-existing conditions don’t qualify. If you have a medical condition ask if your policy offers a waiver for a pre-existing exclusion. Source Link 

A simple calorie count might not keep you from indulging, but what if food labels listed how long you’d have to exercise to burn it off? Researchers found that some people made healthier choices and ate less when they saw the exercise equivalents. They think such labeling might cut 200 calories from an average day’s eating. Source Link