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Vitamin-enhanced foods are probably too little or too much of a good thing. Foods can be enriched to replace nutrients lost during processing but it might not fully substitute for the real thing. And a vitamin-fortified food might give you too much if you already take a multivitamin or add a false sense of healthiness to what’s otherwise junk food. Source Link 

If you really want to enjoy TV you need to #no live-tweeting. People who tweeted about a program while they were watching didn’t enjoy it as much as those who concentrated on just the show. Researchers say live-tweeting prevents a viewer from being transported into the story for full enjoyment. Source Link 

Buying online can often mean savings but some Internet purchases may have a downside. Furniture, mattresses and home appliances are all items that could be difficult to return and shoes, makeup and vintage clothing bought online may be a bad fit. And you’ll often get fresher flowers from a local store than you would from an online florist. Source Link 

Your computer isn’t the only home tech gear that can benefit from an occasional restart. A router reboot can refresh the WiFi connection with other devices and may even stop malware from connecting should it infect your computer. A router reboot once a month can be an easy bit of preventative maintenance for your home network. Source Link 

It’s a nightmare when a smartphone gets dropped in water but there’s a smart way to dry things out. If it fell in saltwater give your phone a quick rinse in clean water to prevent corrosion and then remove the cover and lay it down flat. Turn the phone off immediately and give it about 48 hours to dry out but don’t use a hairdryer or put it in a bowl of rice to speed things up. Source Link 

The long weekend is a favorite getaway and there are ways to save on your mini-vacation. Book your rental car as far ahead as possible to get the best rates but consider waiting to find last-minute deals on unsold hotel rooms. The same strategy might also work with an Airbnb that still has an opening a few days before you plan to leave. Source Link 

If you’d rather not have your digital life harvested for sale by data brokers there are some steps to shut it down. Begin by making Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts private and then go to to search for data brokers that allow you to remove your information from their service. Source Link 

These classic first aid moves need some updating. Do pinch your nose but don’t tip your head back with a nosebleed because that lets the blood run down your throat. Skip the ice or butter and use cool water to treat a burn. And don’t rinse off a tooth that been knocked out. Put it in a cup of milk and take it to the dentist. Source Link 

When you want that food truck meal or party plate to taste better, take a seat. Researchers found that people who ate while standing felt that the same foods didn't taste as good as eating when sitting. They think it’s because of your body’s vestibular sense that deals with balance and posture also works with your sense of taste. Source Link 

We know about shopping bags and diapers but there are lots more things that come in reusable versions. There are reusable drinking straws, sandwich bags, drink boxes, K-cups for coffee, dryer balls, and silicone lids for food bowls. You can even get your own cloth bag for produce shopping and skip those flimsy plastic ones. Source Link 

When you’re looking to raise your credit score you should resist the urge to purge those old credit cards. Closing an unused credit card lowers your total available credit and that can hurt your rating. If you’re paying an annual fee you can ask about switching the card to a fee-free version. Source Link 

How can you put five minutes to good use to improve your mood? Try focused breathing or meditate by silently repeating a word or phrase. Five minutes of brisk movement can help too and you can recharge by unplugging all devices for five minutes and let your mind wander. Source Link 

When and what you eat can be an important combination for weight loss and better health. A high-protein breakfast might keep your appetite in check for the whole day, and a small meal with carbs and protein before exercise followed by a similar snack afterward can help you get the most from a workout. Source Link 

Giving kids household chores can teach them to be responsible and build self-esteem. Find ones that are age-appropriate like putting away toys, making their bed, setting the table or raking leaves. Put these on a calendar with scheduled days and times and consider giving an allowance to older kids who do heavier chores. Source Link 

If you’re among the half of Americans who admit to using retail therapy to cope with stress you might slow down the compulsive shopping with the “30-day rule.” Wait one month before making that impulse buy. If you still want it 30 days later, it’s probably a worthwhile purchase. Source Link 

If you feel a cold coming on, reach for the tea kettle. Research has shown that drinking black tea can boost your immune system and the antioxidants in green tea can slow down viruses that cause the common cold. You don’t have to wait until you’re feeling sick because drinking tea every day can build your defenses against colds and flu. Source Link 

You can step up to better sleep by upping your daily steps. In a study, people who added 2,000 steps to their daily routine experienced a longer and better quality of sleep. Many people already use a fitness tracker that counts steps and you can do the same thing with most smartphones. Source Link 

What are some red flags in a vehicle history report for that car you want to buy? Too many owners could mean the car has had ongoing problems and a salvage title shows that the vehicle was once totaled. And your mechanic should check to see if repairs were done properly if there’s an accident history with major structural damage or airbag deployment. Source Link