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Turn Callers Into Loyal Customers: New CSR Training and Etiquette Training Program

By Steve Evert

Torn Paper Bottom Edge

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All the effort, time and money you spend to get people to call your business can be undone if your phones are answered by unprepared, under-trained or unenthusiastic staff members.

Great phone skills and etiquette are essential to building successful long-term customer relationships. That’s why we’ve renewed our commitment to helping our clients develop those abilities.

An Exciting New Program

BusinessVoice has partnered with Steve Ferrante, producer of the Pinnacle Performance Training program, to provide on-site CSR training and etiquette training seminars across the country.

Ferrante’s program helps frontline phone staff and salespeople maximize their effectiveness on the telephone. That can lead to better customer relationships, more sales, and increased revenue.

For more than 25 years, Ferrante has combined his passion for sales and training. His nationally acclaimed Pinnacle Performance Sales / Customer Service / Leadership Training program has helped companies in many industries improve their sales, customer relations, and corporate culture. He also serves as a contributing editor for the “Selling Smart” section of Tire Review magazine, as well its sister publication, Shop Owner.

To learn how to improve your staff’s telephone performance and results, email Steve Evert or call +1 800.473.9005.