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Non-Branded On Hold Marketing Productions for the Holidays (2014)

By Steve Evert

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Each year, we create three non-branded On Hold Marketing productions that you can use during the holiday season, no matter which type of business you’re in.

The productions are ideal for these situations:

You have an existing On Hold Marketing program with us or another provider, but you’d rather not use one of your scheduled updates for a short-term application such as the holiday season.

You already have a VoIP telephone system or On Hold Marketing equipment, but you don’t currently have an OHM provider to produce content.

For a small fee, you get your choice of two non-branded holiday productions: the Christmas / New Year package or the Holidays Around the World / New Year package.

The Christmas production focuses on how the holiday is celebrated here in the United States. It’s filled with the types of warm thoughts and memories that make this time of year so special.

The Holidays Around the World production takes callers across the globe to let them experience the differences – and, more often, the similarities – in how other nations and cultures celebrate.

The New Year production helps your callers rejoice in the excitement of another fresh start and the coming year.

To receive your choice of this year’s non-branded holiday productions, talk with your BusinessVoice Account Manager or Creative Consultant.

You can also contact Steve Evert at +1 800.473.9005 or