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Are You Ready for No-Name Marketing?

By Scott Greggory

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The retail giant Target is removing its name from storefronts as part of a “reimagination” program that aims to “take the shopping experience to the next level.”

As part of the change, Target’s bullseye logo will be the only brand identifier on the exterior of the redesigned properties.

You might not be ready to take your name off the building just yet, but would you be willing to de-emphasize it in your messaging?

The concept is simple: talk less about you and more about your customers.

Some of our clients barely mention their name to callers on hold. Here’s an example. We still help them deliver lots of good information via their On Hold Marketing. It’s just that most of it has nothing to do with their brand or overtly selling products or services. The strategy is aimed at earning customer loyalty and trust, creating a valuable experience for callers by giving them “news they can use.”

We can do the same with your On Hold Marketing, your TV and radio campaigns, and the content for your other marketing and advertising channels.

This soft-sell approach relies on your processes and practices to make strong customer impressions, as well as your commitment to delivering information your customers want, as opposed to what you may want.