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A Beloved Voice

By Scott Greggory

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The name Peter Robbins may not ring a bell, but his voice might.

In 1965, when he was just nine years old, Robbins provided the voice of the title character in “A Charlie Brown Christmas.” He worked on a Peanuts movie, too, as well as other TV specials in the series.

His soft, gently textured tone was the perfect expression of Charlie Brown’s inner suffering and lack of confidence. While other actors played the role in later productions, Robbins’ distinctive voice is arguably most closely associated with the character.

Because he did his most recognizable work as a child, Peter Robbins established his unique legacy long before dying at age 65 on January 18th, 2022.

His work serves as one of the countless examples of how important voices are to storytelling, whether it takes the form of an animated television show or the audible representation of your brand.

Authentic, human voices communicate beyond the mere words they deliver. They can paint vivid pictures, weave memorable textures and press powerful feelings into our hearts.