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Good Phone Skills Are Great For Your Bottom Line

Want to encourage repeat business, better customer relationships, and strong word-of-mouth about your company? Start by ensuring that everyone in your organization delivers excellent customer service with every phone call.

There’s no quicker way to distinguish your brand than by treating customers and prospects with great care and a respect that communicates how important they are to you and your business.Order Today Only $39!

It Begins with TelArt Training

The TelArt Telephone Skills and Etiquette CD from BusinessVoice is an excellent teaching tool for new employees and a great refresher course for even the most experienced telephone professionals.

Priced at just $39, the CD program will pay for itself over and over again when your staff applies the TelArt lessons to each call. Click here to order your TelArt CD.

"I have listened to [your TelArt CD] in its entirety and I think it is VERY good.  I will incorporate it into our staff meetings, probably one or two parts at a time. I intend to ask [Barry to listen to it] as he may want to have the pharmacy personnel listen as well. Thanks again! By the way, do you think we can hire [TelArt character] “Mary” away from the Sullivan Company to answer our phones here?" - Sally J. Thompson, Manager / Klein's Orthopedic & Medical Equipment

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Don’t wait to start losing hard-won customers to employee apathy or a lack of proper telephone training. Make the choice to provide excellent customer service now! Click here to order the 35-minute TelArt CD today or call 866/473-9000.

We’re so confident your company will benefit from this easy-to-follow program that we’ll refund your money without question if you’re not completely satisfied.
To hear a TelArt sample, press the play button to the right.

“We went live with our [customized] telephone etiquette training yesterday. It looks and sounds really great! It really is a great solution to training remote employees.”
- Susan Hoekstra / UBS Financial Services, Inc.

TelArt Telephone Skills and Etiquette CD Topics

  • Telephone Manners
  • Respecting The Caller's Time
  • Putting Callers On Hold
  • Transferring Callers
  • Placing A Call For Someone Else
  • Managing Multiple Lines
  • Screening Calls
  • Taking Messages
  • Managing Challenging Calls
  • Cell Phone Etiquette
  • Voice Mail

Do your employees need more in-depth or customized telephone skills and etiquette training? If so, click here to learn about our Instructor-Led Training.