Telephone Etiquette

Want to encourage repeat business, better customer relationships, and strong word-of-mouth about your company?

Start by ensuring that everyone on your staff delivers excellent customer service with every phone call.

There’s no quicker way to distinguish your brand than by treating customers with great care and respect. It lets them know how important they are to your business. And it gives prospects insight into the high level of service they can expect if they decide to do business with you.

We offer an exciting on-site, instructor-led telephone skills and etiquette training program, as well as the 35-minute TelArt CD. Learn more below. 


Why It's Important

How frustrating would it be to learn that you've lost customers and potential revenue because your employees provide careless service to callers? Or because they miss opportunities to strengthen customer relationships?

The scary part is that you may not learn your company has that problem for years. For no apparent reason, customers just stop calling.

Our Solution

Don't leave that initial touchpoint with customers to chance. Give your staff the tools they need to create great experiences with your brand and turn callers into customers.

Our on-site Telephone Skills and Etiquette Training is a game changer.

Steve Ferrante, founder of Pinnacle Performance Sales / Customer Service / Leadership Training, will lead your team through an inspiring full-day seminar and teach the following:

• How world-class telephone etiquette builds positive brand image
• How to infuse customer engagement essentials into telephone calls
• How to build trust and rapport through communication and active listening skills
• How to handle objections, customer complaints and other negative situations
• How to win more business and promote customer loyalty
• Why telephone interaction effectiveness is the most important sales skill

This program is designed for customer service staff, sales professionals, and anyone else who regularly represents your company via the telephone. To learn more, call 866/473-9733 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .