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What's So Funny?

Want to give your callers on hold a good laugh, while differentiating your company in the minds of customers and prospects? Then ask us about adding humor to your On Hold Messaging! Click on any of the players below to hear a short sample.

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A Fun Game
Afraid of Robots?
Space Amazination

Matt the Mat
Cloudy Images
Vibrating Content

Don't Be Fooled
Coffee Club
I'm All About Mats

Don't Lose Your Head
Horse-Based Fuels
That New Tire Smell

Our Clutches
Homemade Ice Melt
Farmer Brown
Bad Listener Fishing Tips
Our Priorities


“Our customers will often call and ask to be left on hold just so they can hear the messages.
We highly recommend to anyone who asks that they contact BusinessVoice and get this highly effective and hassle-free service.” - Robert M. Rausch, Discount Parts Exchange