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Aroma_MarketingOur sense of smell is the sense that's most strongly tied to memory, but smells can also drive us to action.

Dunkin Donuts recently tested a concept called "Flavor Radio" on public busses in South Korea. Using an aroma dispersal system, they pumped the smell of coffee into the buses every time a Dunkin Donuts ad played on the radio. The experiment resulted in a 16% increase in visitors to Dunkin Donuts shops near the bus routes and a 29% increase in coffee sales at those stores.

Dunkin Donuts is just the latest in a long line of establishments to see an increase in sales through the use of aroma marketing.

• The Hard Rock Hotel in Orlando used the scent of waffle cones to attract customers to its ice cream shop and increased their sales by 50%.

• H.H. Gregg increased sales by 33% in remodeled stores by using the scents of apple pie, sugar cookies and other home-baked favorites on its sales floors.

• Grocers across the nation find that releasing bakery scents within their stores at key times during the day increases bakery sales by more than 20%.

• Nike saw incredible results when two identical pairs of running shoes were each placed in separate, but identical, rooms. One room was infused with a mixed-floral scent and the other was unscented. Consumers preferred the shoes in the room with the fragrance by a margin of 84%. And they also estimated the price of the shoes in the scented room to be about $10 higher than the shoes in the unscented room.

How can you incorporate aroma into your marketing initiatives to create a unique customer experience and improve conversions? We'd be happy to talk with you about the possibilities.


Remember the movie Field Of Dreams and the famous line, "If you build it, they will come?" Some people think that's true about business websites too - just build a great one and they'll come.

But to keep them coming, you need to begin renovations immediately. Keeping your website fresh is vital for everyone and every thing that's visiting.

People like to see new content and features, and so do the search engine robots that sample your website looking for updates to your pages. But what should this content consist of? Scott Randolph of 7xo Media has some sound advice in this area:

You need to craft all your content with an eye for the ultimate goal - conversion. You need to come up with a schedule and stick to it (this is much harder than it sounds). You will need to create content that is interesting and useful for someone, even if they aren’t your customer. You need to give options to share your content (social bookmarking buttons, email this buttons, etc.) and encourage people to use them.

A website upgrade doesn't have to be a huge task if you're freshening your content on a regular basis. You can create customer tips and produce mini case studies. Add testimonials or start a blog that lets you comment on industry trends and pass along great ideas. Open a Twitter account for your business and include a listing of your Twitter posts on your website.

Piece by piece, you can build a better business website. The first step is accepting that the job is never fully completed.