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It’s a classic debate - is it okay to leave your smartphone charging overnight? -  and the answer is, “yes and no.” Experts say chargers are designed to stop sending power to the battery when it reaches 100 percent. But it will continue to top-off your phone as the charge dips slightly from 100 percent throughout the night, and that’s not good for the battery. Source Link

A popular way to relieve pain during childbirth doesn’t slow down the progress of labor. A new study found that women who underwent an epidural had no difference in the stage of labor when the mother pushes. Some doctors reduce or stop epidural pain management to speed up delivery. Source Link

What if moviemakers wanted you to fall asleep during their film? That’s the idea behind “Baa Baa Land” - an eight-hour epic that’s only sights and sounds of sheep grazing in a pasture. The film’s executive producer says it’s the ultimate insomnia cure. You can watch it on YouTube and producers are in talks to bring the sleep-inducing cinema to an American cable channel. Source Link

Americans are more worried than ever about the environment. An annual survey found that fears about air pollution, unsafe drinking water and pollution of rivers, lakes and oceans was among the Top Ten for the first time. Government corruption, not having enough money in the future and health care concerns were the top worries. Source Link

What does it take to join the millionaires club? An author who interviewed hundreds of wealthy Americans found that most are early to bed and early to rise, read lots of nonfiction, make time for meditation and exercise, and work on improving their communication skills. Many also talk to themselves to create an inner dialogue for motivation. Source Link

The Windows Phone is dead. Microsoft says it won’t have any more hardware or software updates for the platform that ran a distant third to Android and Apple. There will be security updates for current users. Microsoft admitted they could not entice developers to create versions of their apps for the Windows Phone. Source Link

If you like to catch some sleep on an airline flight, don’t close your eyes until you’re up in the air. Experts warn that sleeping through takeoff or landing doesn’t allow you to adjust to rapid air pressure changes. That could leave your ears blocked up and cause dizziness, ear infections, eardrum damage, or even nosebleeds and hearing loss. Source Link

Take it from breast cancer survivors - radiation therapy isn’t as bad as it seems. In a survey nine out of ten said radiation therapy was less scary than they feared and 80 percent said the side effects were better than expected. Studies have shown better survival and quality of life for patients treated with breast-conserving surgery and radiation rather than mastectomy. Source Link

Facebook wants to help you find fake news posts. The social network is testing a new feature that lets you click on an icon in each post to learn more about the publisher and how the post is being shared. You’re part of the test if you see an “i” button the upper right-hand corner above an article's title. Source Link

The average American throws out 20 pounds of food a month, so how can you stop wasting and lower your grocery bill? Creating a weekly menu will help you match activity plans with food shopping. Leftover fresh produce can be frozen to add to smoothies, sauces or casseroles. And remember that “sell by” dates are about quality and not safety. Source Link

The Millennial father is a lot like his 20th Century dad in one way. A study found that on weekends younger fathers are more likely to relax or have fun while mom is working around the house or taking care of the kids. Men and women did split household chores and childcare duties more evenly on weekdays. Source Link

Remembering to take that pill has gone high tech. The MedMinder pill dispenser case stores a week’s worth of medications in separate trays that open as needed. And if you forget to take that pill the MedMinder has a flashing light, audio alarms and can phone or text you with a reminder and can also alert caregivers or a medical professional if something goes wrong. Source Link

Those infotainment systems in new cars may be making it less safe behind the wheel. A study by AAA found that using voice commands, dashboard touchscreens and steering wheel controls distracted drivers for up to 40 seconds. The worst was when people tried to set a navigation system while driving. Source Link

If you’re taking a low-dose aspirin to protect against a heart attack or stroke, don’t stop before consulting your doctor. Researchers found that people who quit a daily aspirin regimen saw their risk of heart attack or stroke rise quickly. A rebound effect made blood clots more likely for those who stopped taking a daily aspirin. Source Link

Getting kids to eat a good breakfast may mean you have to think outside the cereal box. Last night’s leftovers or healthy lunch fare can work as a first meal of the day. And for those who don’t have time for a sit-down breakfast you can offer a grab-and-go option like trail mix, a shake made with fruit and yogurt or a whole wheat tortilla spread with peanut butter. Source Link

Is meditation good for your heart? A review of studies found that Zen meditation, Raja yoga and transcendental meditation may be associated with decreased stress, anxiety and depression and better sleep, and those are factors that can reduce the risk of heart disease . Mediation may also lower blood pressure and has helped some to quit smoking. Source Link

If you’re looking for a workout you can stick with for the long haul, find a sport that you enjoy. Researchers say playing a favorite sport often was the key to people staying active in their 70s, 80s and beyond. Even those who took up sports later in middle age were more likely to be active in old age compared to those who never did. Source Link

The store that’s famous for super-sized products wants to help you stock-up for the apocalypse. Costco is offering an emergency kit with a year’s supply of canned fruits and vegetables, rice, granola, beans, beef, chicken, milk, sugar and salt that will last for 25 years. The one-person kit sells for $1,000 and your can keep a family of four fed for a year for $3,999. Source Link