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When you want to begin your workday right, avoid the urge to multitask. Experts say testing has shown that trying to tackle several things at once right off the bat can set you back for the rest of the day. And don’t start with small talk that can derail your focus on the important tasks at the beginning of your work day. Source Link

Friendly competition may work better than simple encouragement to get you back into the gym. A study using Facebook groups showed better results when members challenged each other to raise their performance. Supportive groups can backfire because they draw attention to members who are less active and create a downward spiral of participation. Source Link

Health problems associated with e-cigarettes are nothing to smile about. That’s because studies show that the chemicals in vapor from an e-cigarette could be harmful to your gums and teeth. E-cigarettes also contain nicotine, which is known to contribute to gum disease. Source Link

Moms who are battling to lose that baby weight may not have pregnancy to blame. A study found that a mother’s weight gain was faster after her child’s birth. One theory is that moms put the needs of their children ahead of healthy habits like exercise and may spend more time sitting with a child while reading or watching a movie. Source Link

A twist on the traditional fast may help keep your heart young. Researchers found that a periodic fasting diet can lead to weight loss that reduces cardiovascular risk factors. The “fast-mimicking” diet restricts you to about 1,000 calories a day for five-day period once a month. Source Link

What’s the formula for winning an Academy award as Best Actor? Make it All-American. A study of past winners found that American actors in films that portrayed American life were most likely to take home the Oscar. Two of this year’s five nominees -- Denzel Washington in “Fences” and Casey Affleck in “Manchester by the Sea” -- are American actors in films about American life. Source Link

If you’re planning to get allergy shots to beat hay fever you may need to be really patient. A study found that it took three years of treatments for immunotherapy to be effective. About 15 percent of Americans have been diagnosed with hay fever and twice as many say they have symptoms like a runny nose, itchy eyes, coughing and sneezing. Source Link

It’s a twist on the old suggestion to beat sleeplessness by counting sheep. Experts say if you suffer from insomnia caused by stress, try counting every in and out breath and count up as far as you can. Another technique to get back to sleep is to stare at a point on the wall until your eyelids get so heavy you have to close them. Source Link

Those new voice command helpers like Amazon Echo and Google Home need an assist to double as an emergency alert device for seniors. Neither recognize “Help, I’ve fallen” but a free add-on from lets you call or text for help to anyone on your contact list with the command, “Ask My Buddy.” Source Link

Is that morning wake-me-up or afternoon beverage break adding to your waistline? A study found that flavorings, cream and sugar in coffee and tea can make a difference when counting those calories. Drinkers who added plenty of fat and sugar to their coffee or tea could add up to 10 pounds a year in weight. Source Link

Grocery shopping in full color may be your first step toward a healthier heart. Choose foods with lots of natural color by starting in the produce section to stock up on fresh fruits and vegetables. Avoid white breads, white potatoes and white rice and check labels for added sodium and sugar that can be found in many processed foods. Source Link

Imagine if your glasses could adjust focus as fast as your eyes to keep everything instantly sharp. A new kind of eyewear uses an infrared sensor to measure distance and liquid lenses that can change focus in a fraction of a second. The smart glasses could be available to the public in a few years. Source Link

Getting kids to eat their veggies starts long before they’re eating anything. Nutrition experts say moms can help develop that taste by eating vegetables during pregnancy. Model good habits for infants and toddlers by eating the same vegetables they do during a meal. And kindergartners can help in the kitchen to see how vegetables are an important part of a meal. Source Link

People who say “I do” amid an expensive wedding may not stay together till death do they part. A study found that couples whose weddings cost more than $20,000 were almost twice as likely to divorce compared to those who spent less than $10,000. Researchers think spending less on your big day might lead to less marital strife over money. Source Link

So which Monopoly piece didn’t make the cut in a public vote to see what stays in the game? The thimble got stuck in last place and will be dropped when the next edition of Monopoly debuts. It’s the second household item game piece to get the boot after the iron that was discontinued in 2013. Source Link

Could baby aspirin help you have a baby? Researchers say taking a low-dose aspirin each day helped some women have a successful pregnancy by reducing inflammation in the body. The study results are promising but doctors aren’t ready just yet to recommend an aspirin regimen for pregnant women. Source Link

If cereal, eggs or oatmeal don’t sound good for breakfast, you can mix it up with that first meal of the day. Nutrition experts suggest leftover veggie pizza or peanut butter and sliced bananas on whole wheat toast. Or roll up a tortilla with sliced turkey, lettuce and low-fat cheese for a homemade grab-and-go breakfast. Source Link

Cheating among couples is fairly common when it comes to matters of love of a favorite TV show. Netflix says 46 percent of subscribers have watched an episode ahead of their partner and eight out of ten are repeat offenders. Most of the cheaters said they know it’s wrong but the shows are so good they couldn’t stop themselves from binge-watching. Source Link