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The old adage, “cold hands, warm heart” may have some scientific evidence to back it up. Researchers found that women’s hands typically were a few degrees colder than men. One reason may be that the women’s core temperature was higher, so cold air feels even worse on their hands. Source Link 

If you want to have a better bond with your baby, look them in the eye. A study found that eye contact between parents and infants helped to synchronize brain waves. A locking gaze could prepare parents and babies to communicate, by synchronizing when to speak and when to listen, which would also make learning more effective. Source Link 

The roads are busy with holiday shoppers but some of the most dangerous driving may be in the parking lots. Data from insurance companies suggests that parking lot accidents run higher than normal throughout the holiday shopping season. Experts say more people may be less attentive as they’re texting or setting GPS while driving in a parking lot. Source Link 

You might be able to turn that old smartphone into cool cash with just a few clicks. Websites like Decluttr, Gazelle and Swappa will buy phones but the price may be as little as $5 unless it’s a late model iPhone or Samsung. Another option is to donate that old phone for use by survivors of domestic violence or to be sold to buy calling cards for overseas military Source Link 

The little blue pill that’s popular with men and women is changing color and getting cheaper. A new generic version of Viagra is a white pill that’s about half the $65 retail price of the name brand. It’s still a prescription drug in the U.S. but in England, the generic version of Viagra will be sold over the counter beginning next year. Source Link 

You can decorate for the holidays with an eye towards safety for your pet. Experts say you should avoid edible tree decorations like popcorn strings or holly berries and skip the tinsel that can be harmful if eaten by a cat. And remember that winter holiday plants like poinsettia and lilies can be toxic to pets if ingested. Source Link

It works for aches and pains, but could a few Tylenol ease your hurt feelings? A study found that the main ingredient in Tylenol seemed to reduce the sting of rejection that people experienced after they were excluded from a game. But doctors say don’t start popping the pills for social pain because large doses can have serious side effects. Source Link 

If you plan to fill a holiday stocking with dog treats you’ll want to skip the real bones. The FDA is warning that dozens of dogs have become ill or died after eating real bones that had been processed and packaged as treats. The agency recommends that you consult with your veterinarian about the safest treats for your dog. Source Link 

Want to give your college student the most popular gift card this year ? Think about food. A survey found that the McDonald’s gift card ranked number-one and Olive Garden and Red Lobster were in the top five. The rankings were based on popularity as well as resale value if your recipient decides they want something other than a free meal. Source Link 

Switching your family to bottled water for better health may backfire in one way. New research shows children and teens who avoid tap water have lower levels of lead in their blood but are also more likely to have tooth decay. Most municipal water is fluoridated to protect teeth but older water systems may have higher lead levels. Source Link 

The home nursery has gone high-tech with gadgets to safeguard babies and soothe the nerves of new parents. The Hisense Breathing Monitor attaches to a crib to keep track of baby’s movement and breathing rate. The MonBaby Smart Button monitor clips to an infant sleeper and the Owlet Baby Sock monitors heart rate and oxygen level from your baby’s foot. Source Link 

How can you shop for the holidays without a store? Experts suggest an “experience gift” that can help create a memorable moment. This could be tickets to a concert or play, an introductory flight lesson or a cooking class. And the best gifts are experiences that can be shared with someone else. Source Link 

Call it Facebook Lite for the elementary school crowd. The new Messenger Kids app will be open to boys and girls under 13, but parents must sign up a child through their Facebook account. Only the parent can add friends or delete messages, but kids can add filters and draw on photos they send to one another. Source Link 

All that glitters may not be golden for the environment. Scientists say glitter that’s used in crafts is made of plastic and the tiny particles make it a potential health hazard in waterways. The risk is fish eating glitter that releases a dangerous chemical and then that seafood makes its way to humans. Source Link 

Besides skipping the obvious high-fat and sugary foods, what else shouldn’t be in your pantry? You can swap out the white flour and pasta for whole grain varieties and get rid of bottled sauces and dressings with added fat and sugar. Canned low-salt tomatoes and tomato paste can work for soups and sauces and flavor food with vinegar or a squeeze of lemon or lime. Source Link 

A new diet craze promises you can eat whatever you want and as much as you want, as long as you burn as many calories as you take in each day. But experts say the “Calories In, Calories Out” diet may not include key nutrients found in healthy foods like dark green vegetables and that could increase the risks for osteoporosis, cancer or heart disease. Source Link 

If the Land Down Under is any clue, we can get ready for a tough flu season. During Australia's recent winter the flu vaccine was only effective in one out of ten cases, in part because this year’s vaccine may not target this year’s dominant flu virus. The U.S. is using the same vaccine. Source Link 

There’s new evidence to fuel the eternal debate over whether dogs are smarter than cats. Researchers found that dogs have twice as many brain cells responsible for thought, planning and behavior as compared to cats. But they admit the “who’s smarter” question can’t be fully answered without a head-to-head comparison of brain abilities in dogs and cats. Source Link