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Your taste buds might be fooled by artificial sweeteners, but is it your brain tricked too? Researchers looking into a possible connection between artificial sweeteners and diabetes say foods that are artificially sweetened may cause the brain to register that fewer calories have been consumed and that can keep your appetite strong so you eat more. Source Link

Loneliness could be the biggest public health threat facing Americans today. Studies show that one in four people live alone and 42 million Americans over age 45 may suffer from chronic loneliness. There’s strong evidence that social isolation and loneliness increase the risk of early death more than many other factors. Source Link

The man who created the rules for strong passwords is now saying, “Never mind.” The guidelines written in 2003 called for passwords with odd combinations of upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols. So what’s a good password? Try using four words together that have no relation to each other but are easy to remember. Source Link

Talking to yourself may calm you down if you phrase the mental conversation in a different way. People who spoke to themselves in the third person substituting their name for the word “I” gained a bit of psychological distance from their experience and researchers say that can help the brain regulate emotions. Source Link

Falls are the leading cause of death for people over 65 and you can help prevent a fall by picking the right shoes. Look for a shoe that doesn’t twist in the middle when you press on it and wear the socks you normally would while shoe shopping. And measure your feet every time you buy shoes because sizes can change even for adults. Source Link

You learn first aid to save a person, so why not do the same for your pets? Now you can with a new Red Cross cat and dog first aid training course. The $25 course is available online and there’s also a free Pet First Aid app with information on allergic reactions, bleeding, burns, choking, overheating, and more. Source Link

If you’d like to help analyze the effects of the upcoming solar eclipse, there’s an app for that. The free iNaturalist app is part of a project that asks the public to record their observations of a plant or animal during the eclipse on August 21st. Studies have shown that plant and animal life can react to the environmental changes that occur during a solar eclipse. Source Link

Do you have leftover prescription painkillers in your medicine chest? You’re not alone. Surveys show two out of three people keep unused drugs that are prescribed for pain relief after surgery. Experts say doctors need to give smaller prescriptions to limit the supply of drugs like Oxycontin or Percocet that can fall into the wrong hands and help to fuel the nation’s opioid epidemic. Source Link

You can have a hand in stopping your emotional eating. That’s when someone eats to relieve stress, anxiety or boredom. When you feel like eating, try doing something with your hands like a crossword puzzle or knitting to preoccupy yourself until the urge passes. Finding ways to manage your underlying stress and anxiety will help, too. Source Link

Pucker up and don’t deny yourself the power of a goodbye kiss. Researchers found that men and women who shared a kiss each day before leaving for work were half as likely to be in a car accident and also lived longer. Scientists think that goodbye kiss helps you to start the day with a positive attitude and that leads to a healthier lifestyle. Source Link 

Getting your protein at every meal may be the recipe to keep us stronger as we age. Seniors who ate protein-rich meals throughout the day lost less muscle mass over time. A good rule of thumb would be to eat an ounce protein per day for every 50 pounds of our weight. Source Link 

Tired of straining to hear music from the speaker on your iPhone? Here’s how to pump it up. While you’re listening to music, go to Settings and Music and EQ and select “Late Night.” This setting turns on equalization that makes loud parts a bit quieter and quiet parts louder and helps when you’re listening in a noisy place. Source Link

You want to stop wasting time mindlessly scrolling through apps on your smartphone, but how?  Experts say you can turn off alerts that prompt you to pick up your phone and leave it somewhere out of sight. Set the countdown timer to trigger an alarm after a few minutes of use and move those favorite time-wasting apps off the home screen. Source Link

A good night’s sleep might keep your waistline slimmer and your heart healthier. A study found that people who got more sleep each night had smaller waistlines and higher levels of HDL cholesterol that protects against heart disease. It’s believed that poor sleep can cause people to crave high-fat and high-sugar foods and that can add more inches to your waistline. Source Link

If your baby is a picky eater, it might just be his personality. Research has shown that some babies naturally withdraw from things like new foods. The solution is for you and caregivers to keep trying, because it could take 8 to 12 times to overcome that tendency and help to avoid having a grown child who’s picky about food. Source Link

Eating vegetables now while you’re pregnant or breastfeeding may help your child enjoy them later. Infants who had veggie-flavored breast-milk were less likely to turn down a similar taste in solid food. Mothers who don't breastfeed can still help by offering a variety of foods as early as possible, so kids can experience different flavors and textures. Source Link

There are easy ways to get the most mileage in airline travel rewards. Sign-up for every airline’s program to get credit for any trip and look for alliances with credit cards, hotels and travel partners that can add more points. And don’t cash in too soon, because many programs offer bigger rewards for those who use more points per transaction. Source Link

Being thankful ahead of time beats clever when it comes to ending that email. A study found that emails with a closing of “Thanks in advance” got the most responses. You can also use “Thanks” or “Thank you” for similar success, but avoid closings like “Best” or “Regards” that can seem too stiff. Source Link