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Keeping kids safe in the summer sun starts early. Teach children to apply an SPF 15 sunscreen before they begin their day outdoors and reapply every two hours and after swimming, even if the sunscreen says its water-resistant. Babies under six months old can’t be exposed to the chemicals in sunscreen and must stay covered up when in the sun. Source Link 

To graduate to better fitness, pick classes at the gym that cover all the subjects. For strength training that’s Pilates or classes using resistance bands or kettlebells. You can cover cardio with spinning, stepping or dance classes and flexibility with yoga or tai chi that have the added benefit of easing stress. Source Link 

You know about creating a will to settle an estate after you’re gone, but what about your virtual life? You can set up a Facebook legacy contact person who will update your profile and cover photo and create a pinned post as a farewell message. And a Google trusted contact can have access to your Google Drive, Photos and Gmail after you die. Source Link 

Cleaning by number is one way to tackle the clutter in your home. Pick a number of things you’ll put away in one session and focus on one thing at a time, like stray shoes or getting rid of unneeded extras of some item. And always keep one box or bag ready to hold items that can be donated. Source Link 

Cold cuts are great for a sandwich but can harbor a nasty germ. Listeria can cause a foodborne infection that’s most dangerous for pregnant women and newborns, adults 65 or older, and people with weakened immune systems. You can protect yourself by keeping unopened deli meat no more than two weeks and eating open packages within 3 to 5 days. Source Link 

Most of us aren’t very good at picking strong passwords. Some of the biggest no-no’s are using names of sports teams, brands or pop culture references, or reusing passwords with slight variations. Experts suggest using a free password manager program that creates strong unique passwords and remembers them for you. Source Link 

Apple wants to make it easier to avoid smartphone addiction. New features in the next iOS update will include an option to group notifications to reduce home screen clutter and a “Do Not Disturb” mode to shut down notifications at night. And a new iPhone dashboard will show how long you’re using each app and let you set your own time limits. Source Link 

Visiting an urgent care center instead of the emergency room can save you time and money. Experts say you should go to the ER only if you have any sign of a stroke; persistent chest pain, trouble breathing or loss of consciousness; a high fever with a rash; a serious fall or injury involving the head or eyes; bleeding that won’t stop; a serious burn or a sudden, severe headache or loss of vision. Source Link 

When you’re tired of celery sticks and carrots as healthy snacks you can try some 50-calorie substitutes like a cup of raspberries or blueberries that are high in fiber or two cups of cherry tomatoes in any variety. Half a medium bell pepper and a tablespoon of dip keeps you under 50 calories or try a cup and a half of air-popped popcorn. Source Link 

If the morning routine starts with checking your phone, making the bed and pouring that first cup of coffee, you may want to rethink your habits. Experts say diving right into social media can leave you stressed and the caffeine in coffee is more effective a few hours after you wake up. And letting your bedding air out for a while reduces the moisture that can feed dust mites. Source Link

So, you have a bucket list for your life. You may want to share it with your doctor. Whether it’s travel, a personal goal such as running a marathon or achieving a milestone like 50 years of marriage, sharing your bucket list helps your doctor provide personalized care and suggest lifestyle changes that may help you achieve more. Source Link 

When all the bad news of the world today has you stressed there’s a good news solution -- help others. Experts say making a donation or volunteering your time can ease feelings of helplessness from the weight of the world’s problems. You can also seek social support by joining a club or group to do something you enjoy. Source Link 

Are you hearing a song you can’t get out of your head? You’re not alone. Nine out of 10 people say they often have “earworm” songs playing on endless repeat. Researchers think they’re triggered by experiences that connect you to the song. The remedy may be finding a mentally demanding task that keeps your brain busy. Source Link 

Here’s a safety tip you can count on every time you fly. Experts say count the number of rows between you and the nearest exit. That way you can reach out and count the seats by touch as you pass them to make it to the exit in the dark, in smoke or even if the plane is under water. Source Link 

When it comes to creepy crawlers, you could grab for a dinner plate instead of the bug spray. Insects are digestible and tasty when cooked and are a staple in diets around the world. Researchers say about 1,900 insect species are edible and can provide healthy fats, protein, fiber, vitamins and essential minerals. Source Link 

So, you want to do your part for the environment but you can’t swap your car for a bike, switch to all-solar energy or recycle everything? Spending one minute less in the shower each day would save thousands of gallons of water a year. You could also stop using disposable products and keep a few plastic bags in your car so you don’t use more of them on every grocery trip. Source Link 

You can see if your pet is overweight without needing a scale. Look at your dog from above and if you can see a waist they’re probably not overweight. Run your fingers across their sides and with a healthy weight you should feel ribs easily without pressing. And you don’t want to be able to grab a handful of fat on the stomach. Source Link 

Wondering why your phone battery can never make it through the day? You can save power by reviewing Location Services to limit apps that can use GPS and turn off background refresh for apps that don’t need it. You can also save power by turning off push notifications for email, Facebook and Twitter. Source Link