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Are you hearing a song you can’t get out of your head? You’re not alone. Nine out of 10 people say they often have “earworm” songs playing on endless repeat. Researchers think they’re triggered by experiences that connect you to the song. The remedy may be finding a mentally demanding task that keeps your brain busy. Source Link 

Your glass of wine with dinner could be doing double duty as a garbage disposal for your brain. Scientists found that the alcohol in two drinks a day can improve the process that clears toxins from your brain. But heavier drinking can impair that natural clean-up and increase brain inflammation. Source Link 

It’s a one-touch answer for quick replies in your online chats. Google is expanding it’s Smart Replies to work with Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Twitter direct messages. The feature that works on Android phones offers several short replies tailored to the message that you can send with one tap. Source Link 

If you’re planning to get a DNA test kit to check your ancestry, be prepared for a surprise. Experts say most people’s DNA is an odd mixture and each company offering these services uses its own database of DNA samples. That means results could be different for the same DNA tested between different services. Source Link 

Don’t let the thermometer fool you - it may be winter but sunscreen is something you need in every season. Sun damage can occur year-round, even on cloudy or rainy days and you get sun exposure through windows at the office, at home or in cars. Dermatologists recommend using a broad spectrum sunscreen every day and all year long. Source Link 

Want to eat like an Olympian? It’s a good idea but with one important exception. Many Olympic athletes have just the right amount of protein in their diet coupled with plenty of exercise to build muscles. But you won’t need all the calories that Olympians eat to fuel their bodies through those grueling physical events. Source Link 

It’s a day that’s awash in red and has retailers seeing green. Americans are expected to spend nearly $20 billion on Valentine’s Day gifts for significant others, friends and even pets. Candy, greeting cards, flowers and an evening out are still the top ways to say “I love you” while gifts of an experience are something that four out of ten people plan to give. Source Link 

Here’s a diet plan that can get everyone up on their feet. A new study suggests that standing instead of sitting for six hours a day could help people lose weight over time. Standing burns more calories and researchers say with six hours less sitting each day you could lose five pounds a year. Source Link 

If you’re feeling a bit salty or want to show everyone just how hot or cold it is, soon you can say it in a single symbol. This year’s list of new emojis includes a salt shaker and faces that are layered in ice or dripping with sweat. The 158 new icons range from an abacus to a woozy-looking face and all should be available on your phone later this year. Source Link 

Following your doctor’s orders could help you save $100,000 for retirement. A report says a 45-year old with high blood pressure could save about $3,000 a year in health care costs for the next 30 years with a few simple lifestyle adjustments like taking medication as directed. About half of all American adults have at least one chronic health condition. Source Link 

It could be bad news for people who switched to e-cigarettes in hopes of finding a healthy alternative to lighting-up. Researchers say the flavorings used in e-cigarettes can cause inflammation that’s a trigger for heart disease and other ailments. The worst were the cinnamon, vanilla and buttery flavors. Source Link 

If that New Year’s resolution is already labeled “maybe next year” you can get back on track with a new outlook. First, remember that multiple failures can be part of the path to success and look for situations in your life that might sabotage the effort. And pick a day that’s significant for your resolution reboot, whether that’s a birthday, an anniversary or the first of the month. Source Link 

Can Tylenol or Advil treat emotional pain along with your headache? A review of studies found that women who regularly used ibuprofen or acetaminophen were less likely to have hurt feelings from emotionally painful experiences. On the other hand, men who used the over-the-counter pain relievers were more sensitive to personal slights. Source Link 

It’s arrival spelled the end of the music cassette, but now the CD’s days may be numbered. Best Buy says it will stop selling music CD’s and experts predict that Target stores may follow their lead. CD sales peaked 17 years ago and tens of millions of Americans now get their music from streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music. Source Link 

Here’s a good reason to print your boarding pass at home before that next flight. A study looked at the dirtiest places in an airport and found that self check-in kiosks had ten times the bacteria of water fountains or armrests on seats near the gate. And that airport kiosk was a thousand times more dirty than the typical home toilet seat. Source Link

If you don’t buy your milk in the dairy section there’s a healthy alternative but it doesn’t grow on trees. Testing showed that soy milk compared best to cow’s milk for nutrients and was the highest in protein among plant-based milks. Almond milk was lower in proteins and carbs, coconut milk had no protein and and rice milk was high in calories. Source Link 

That email saying your Netflix account has been deactivated? Don’t believe it. The new scam looks like a real message directing you to click on a link to re-enter your billing information. Instead, go to to check it out and avoid becoming the next victim of cyber-thieves. Source Link 

Experts say there are real-life lessons to be learned from the tragedy in a popular TV show. Most house fires begin in the kitchen and not having a working smoke alarm or going back into a burning home can be deadly. A character on the TV drama “This Is Us” died in a house fire that started in a kitchen without a smoke alarm and after he went back into the house to rescue a dog. Source Link