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There could be real long-term benefits to offering therapy to pre-schoolers. Experts say anxiety disorders that can surface as early as age three may be the gateway to adult depression, substance abuse and even suicidal behavior. More than 40 million Americans have been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. Source Link
Finding bedbugs in your hotel room may the ultimate nightmare for travelers but most people wouldn’t know one if they saw it. A study found that only 16 percent of people could correctly identify a bedbug from pictures of insects. Adult bedbugs are about the size and shape of apple seeds and you’ll often find tiny spots of blood were bedbugs have been feasting. Source Link
So where’s the best place to stand at a party or business event if you want to meet new people? Studies have shown that typical busy spots like the entrance, near bathrooms or at the food table don’t generate good contacts. Try the area at either end of the bar or right near the host to meet more new people. Source Link

About half of Americans aren’t happy with their jobs, but what’s the problem?  A new survey says the top beef with the boss was fewer benefits and less pay, including smaller bonuses. Millennials were the most satisfied with their paychecks but 8 out of 10 Gen Xers were unhappy with their compensation. Source Link
We always hear that it’s important to get enough sleep, and here’s an easy way to see if your slumber is sufficient. On the weekend, don’t set an alarm and sleep until you wake up on your own. If that’s longer than your typical shuteye, adjust your weekday routine to get that much sleep every night. Source Link
It’s like those “Choose Your Own Adventure” books, but updated for the digital age. A new Netflix children’s animated program lets kids change the story line while watching. The episode of “The Adventures of Puss N’ Boots” features a half-dozen opportunities for a viewer to pick from a selection of plot points using their  phone or tablet screen or the remote control on a TV. Source Link

Time to bust some popular myths about your own cyber privacy. First, don’t think your emails are always secure unless you use a service like Gmail or Yahoo that encrypts by default. Private browsing can’t shield your activity from the boss or from your internet provider. And turning off GPS doesn’t make you untrackable because there’s still a record of cell towers and WiFi hot spots that you’ve used. Source Link

When you calculate its price per gallon your printer ink is like liquid gold, so here are some tips to get the most from it. Try switching font type and size -- Times New Roman is better and Arial is worse. Use Print Preview to avoid wasting ink and paper when printing a web page. And forget the warnings and replace a cartridge only when it’s completely empty and can no longer print. Source Link

What’s your risk for Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s or lung or liver disease? You’ll soon be able to find out using a home genetic test that’s been approved by the FDA. Experts say the test kit from 23 and Me isn’t a diagnosis but could uncover genetic markers that may prompt you to talk with your doctor. Source Link

The sooner your baby moves to his own room, the longer he’ll sleep, according to  a new study of newborns and mothers. Babies that began sleeping in their own room before 4 months got 40 minutes more sleep each night. Those who made the move at 6 months had an extra 26 minutes of sleep and the benefits continued until the babies were over two years old. Source Link
Uncle Sam won’t be policing the skies for recreational drones. A court ruling has struck down the FAA program that required most owners of drones to register their tiny aircraft. The court said that only Congress could make the registration mandatory because current federal law bans the government from regulating model aircraft. Source Link
If summer weddings are hitting you hard in the wallet there are ways to spend less and still honor the bride and groom. Try to get to the bridal registry early to find a more-affordable item or re-gift a gift card that the new couple can use. A good rule of thumb is to offer a gift that’s worth at least as much as it cost the of your meal at the reception. Source Link

Summertime means outdoor cookouts, but be sure to bring one indoor cooking tool to your barbeque. Food safety experts say a meat thermometer is a must to ensure that hamburgers are fully cooked to 160 degrees, poultry to 165 degrees and that whole cuts of other meats and seafood are fully cooked to 145 degrees.  Source Link
Flu season is hitting hard among the canine crowd. A new strain of dog flu is highly contagious to other dogs but can’t spread to humans. See your vet because there’s a dog flu vaccine available and be on the lookout for symptoms like a cough and fever that could be signs of dog flu. Source Link
The bathroom scale may not be the best way to see if your diet plan is working. Health experts say things like water weight can throw off that measurement.  What’s a better way to track your progress?  Use a tape measure on your chest, waist, hips and thighs once a week, and see if your clothes are beginning to feel loose. Source Link

There won’t be a summer vacation for about 40 percent of  Americans who say they aren’t taking a break from work this year. An annual poll found that half of those skipping a summer getaway say it’s because of cost or a lack of paid vacation. Half of those with paid time off say they don’t use all of their vacation each year. Source Link
An early start on some of the staples of an adult diet can grow a stronger body for kids. Researchers found that children as young as six months old can eat eggs without an increased risk of allergies. And kids who drank cow’s milk between the ages of 2 and 6 grew taller than those who drank any other milks. Source Link
So how do you find your phone when you’ve lost your phone and don’t have another phone to call it? Apple owners have the “Find My iPhone” app that can be used with a browser to locate your iOS device on a map and lock it down. Android Mobile Manager is built into its smartphones and lets you locate your phone, set off the ringer and change the the PIN remotely from your Google account. Source Link