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We all cringe at those failing grades on restaurant health inspections, but most home kitchens wouldn’t pass the test either. A study found that two out of three homes had a kitchen sponge or dishcloth that harbored bacteria and the sink and the fridge were other hot spots for germs that can make you sick. And watch out near your pet’s food bowl that can be a free buffet for ants, roaches and flies. Source Link

Exercise can make you younger right down to your cells. A new study found that people who exercised the most had biological aging markers that appeared nine years younger than those who were sedentary. A part of every cell in your body called a telomere shrinks a bit as we age, and people who exercised the most had longer telomeres. Source Link

This sounds like a great new twist on laundry day. Researchers have built an energy-efficient clothes dryer that blasts a wet load with high-frequency sound waves. The ultrasound vibrates water droplets out of fabric, forming a fine mist that's siphoned out like a regular dryer. The research was  sponsored by GE, which plans to use the technology in a future product. Source Link

Gardening is a form of exercise and you need to take steps to avoid injury when you’re planting and pruning. Experts suggest doing some stretches to loosen joints before you start and to avoid staying in the same position too long. If you’re moving rocks or other heavy objects be sure to lift with your legs and use a garden stool to reduce the strain from kneeling. Source Link

There’s evidence that being healthy obese still includes some serious risks. Researchers found that healthy obese people had 50 percent higher chance of heart disease than normal-weight people. Healthy obese means you’re extremely overweight but don’t have metabolic disorder that can lead to diabetes and heart disease. Source Link

If you want the new top-of-the-line iPhone when it debuts this fall, you’ll need to dig deeper in your wallet. Reports say the iPhone 8 will have a price tag that starts at $999. The 10th anniversary iPhone is expected to sport a 5.8 inch edge-to-edge display, 3D sensing technology and biometric authentication. Source Link

There’s no income test at the front door of a McDonald’s. A study found that Americans ranging from rich to less well-off enjoy eating fast food and eight out of ten do it at least once a week. Those in the upper income range indulge their fast food fix less often than those near the bottom rung of the economic ladder. Fast food’s top customers are middle income Americans. Source Link

The smartphone may go hand in hand with attention and behavior issues in kids. Tweens and teens showed more signs of attention deficit disorder when they used smartphones the most. On the positive side, the study found that children who sent more text messages in a day seemed less anxious and depressed. Source Link

Before you pack your bags for that holiday road trip, be sure to pack your car with some safety essentials. Along with your cell phone, AAA recommends a flashlight with extra batteries, a first-aid kit, a basic toolkit with tire pressure gauge and adjustable wrench, and jumper cables and emergency reflectors. Also bring drinking water and extra snacks for people and pets. Source Link

The early bird might get the worm and a better shot at staying healthy. A study found that early risers who ate at the beginning of the day had a lower risk of obesity. Experts say night owls may suffer from hormone spikes later in the day that make it more likely they’ll eat poorly. Source Link

What food can you put on your plate that will help put a better smile on your face? Think about the basic nutrients that can build stronger teeth, like calcium in dairy products and eggs, and fish, meat and poultry that are rich in phosphorus. Vitamin C can come from citrus fruits, and sweet potatoes, leafy greens and fish are good sources of vitamin A. Source Link

It’s a high-tech home improvement that could cut your energy bills from the top down. Tesla is taking pre-orders for a new line of solar roof tiles that can replace typical shingles and generate electricity. Developers say the price tag will be similar to a traditional roof plus the cost of wiring. Source Link

Smooth-sounding and biblical are the trends in baby names these days. A new report says Noah and Liam were the most popular boy’s names in 2016. Emma returned to the number-one spot for girls and Olivia was number-two. And that preference for smooth may have helped Elijah nudge out Alexander in last year’s list of top ten names for boys. Source Link

Is it a disease you could catch on your summer vacation? Health experts call it “creeping obesity” and six out of ten people say they gain weight while on vacation. And it’s not the buffet that’s to blame as most people say those extra calories were picked up at the bar with alcoholic beverages. Source Link

What do you get when you combine the selfie with a popular feature in messaging apps? Google Allo is rolling out cartoon stickers made to mimic your smartphone self-portrait. The process uses computer intelligence and a huge library of cartoon stickers designed by humans. The selfie sticker feature is available now for Android users and will be coming soon to Apple devices. Source Link

What usually follows a mild winter? More ticks in the spring and summer. Officials are warning of another bad year including a new potentially deadly tick-borne illness that’s hit the Northeast and Great Lakes regions. You can prevent tick bites by avoiding areas with high grass and vegetation, staying to the center of walking trails and using repellent on skin and clothes. Source Link

Staying fit might take only 10 minutes of exercise, but it won’t be easy. Testing showed that interval training with 10 one-minute bursts of high intensity exercise followed by 90 seconds of rest could provide a full day’s workout. The key is to hit 90 percent of your maximum heart rate during each minute of exercise. Source Link

They’re soft and fuzzy and found in many a medicine chest and also responsible for sending thousands of children to the emergency room each year. Pediatric experts say cotton swabs can cause injuries and should not be used to clean the ears. The inside of your ear is naturally self-cleaning and doesn’t require a deep dive with a cotton-tipped applicator. Source Link