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Identity theft isn’t something to worry about only when you’re online. A lost or stolen wallet can expose you, so limit what’s in there and never carry anything with your social security number. A mailbox with a lock can keep someone from stealing credit card offers or bank statements and shredding important papers before tossing them is an easy way to prevent identity theft. Source Link 

The battle between parents and kids over too much screen time goes both ways. A survey of tweens and teens found that many would like to see their parents cut down on time with phones and tablets. And kids want parents to practice what they preach and not text while driving, even when sitting at a red light. Source Link 

Maybe not wealthy or wise, but there’s evidence that early to bed and early to rise could make you more healthy. A long-term study found that night owls were more likely to have neurological problems, stomach disorders, diabetes, respiratory diseases and psychological problems. And early risers lived slightly longer than those who hit their peak late in the day. Source Link 

“One a day” is good advice for more than just vitamins. A new study says adults should limit their alcohol consumption to one drink a day if they want to live longer. The current guidelines for men are two drinks a day and researchers say a 40-year-old man could expect to live up to two years longer if he has just one drink per day. Source Link 

When it comes to an allowance for your kids remember the four C’s. Experts say you should be be clear on what the money's for, be consistent on the amount of allowance and use cash so they only spend what they have. And remember that you shouldn’t pay money for household chores. Source Link 

Recycling can be more than plastic, paper and glass. There are national programs to recycle things like used crayons, wine corks and old eyeglasses. A juice box can’t go into home recycling because of the mix of plastics and aluminum but the company that makes juice boxes will donate two cents to charity for every one that you send to them and shipping is free. Source Link 

Teens who are the oldest in their high school class are more likely to go on to college. A long-term study found that children with summer birthdays who begin elementary school a year later are more confident students who perform better. Researchers say the youngest students in a class had lower academic self-confidence. Source Link 

If spring weather has you ready to join a gym to get back in shape there are ways to save money. Experts say you can often negotiate to waive a joiners fee and many gyms allow free visits so you can try it before you sign up. Beware of pricy lifestyle-oriented studio classes and remember that low-cost gyms may be packed when you want to work out in prime time. Source Link 

A headache is always a pain, but when is it an emergency? If a headache comes on suddenly and feels explosive, is accompanied by high fever or nausea, or causes slurred speech, dizziness, confusion or an inability to move one side of your body, you should call 911. Such headaches could be the sign of a stroke, a brain tumor or even carbon monoxide poisoning. Source Link 

Parents who hang on next to the crib until their baby falls asleep may be sabotaging themselves. Experts say if your baby sees you there as they drift off to sleep they’ll expect you to be there every time they wake up during the night. Leaving a baby to sleep while they’re awake helps them learn to fall asleep without you in the room. Source Link 

Working overtime isn’t good for your health and the more hours you log, the worse it could be. A study found that working between 60 and 70 hours a week raised the risk of heart disease by 42 percent. Those who are on the job up to 80 hours a week had a 60 percent higher risk of heart disease, which claims the lives of half a million Americans each year. Source Link 

Do your kids know the sound of keys on a manual typewriter, the hum of a home movie projector or the clicking dial of a rotary phone? These kinds of audible relics are being cataloged and saved online. “Conserve The Sound” is a web-based museum of old sounds from household appliances, vintage technology and more. Source Link 

Why is it important to get a good night’s sleep? Researchers found that just one sleepless night may cause the brain to fill with the substance linked to the development of Alzheimer's disease. Beta amyloid clumps together between neurons to form plaques that hamper the brain's ability to function. Source Link 

Don’t ignore the scale and expect to crunch your way to washboard abs. Health experts say you need the one-two punch of exercise to firm muscle and diet to reduce fat. You can intensify ab workouts by increasing the number of reps per set and number of sets, shortening the resting time between sets and wearing ankle weights or holding a weight plate against your chest. Source Link 

A trip to the phone store may not get you the best model a great price. Nine out of ten people purchase a phone from their carrier but most phone stores have few models beyond the best sellers. You can purchase your phone directly from the manufacturer and many offer as good or better features for less than the typical $700 iPhone or Samsung Galaxy. Source Link 

If you want to be an organ donor you need to get it in writing. The American Heart Association says surveys show that 95 percent of people would like to be an organ donor but only about half take steps to make their wishes known. The supply of donor hearts continues to lag behind the need and most transplant recipients wait up to two years for a new heart. Source Link 

Should the price you pay for an airline ticket be based on what you buy online? Some airlines are using what’s called “micro-target pricing” to base a ticket price on your browsing history. You can prevent this by clearing the cookies from your web browser before checking prices for flights or by using a “private” or “incognito” setting for your airfare searches. Source Link 

You can make a bold fashion statement with a new iPhone and support a worthy cause. Apple is offering their iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus in red with part of the purchase price going toward grants that fight HIV and AIDS. Apple has donated over $160 million to Project Red since 2006 including a portion of proceeds from the sale of red iPhones. Source Link