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Making More Dollars with Scents

Does this sound familiar? You smell freshly baked bread or chocolate chip cookies and you're immediately reminded of family dinners at your childhood home. You catch the scent of coconut oil in the air and you start to think about that Caribbean beach you lounged on during your honeymoon. Or each winter, when you walk a wooded trail, the fragrance of pine trees takes you back to your favorite Christmas morning.

More than any other sense, our sense of smell is permanently bound to our memories. And Aroma Marketing from BusinessVoice lets you capitalize on that connection. By distributing the right scent in the right environment, we can help your customers develop powerfully positive feelings for your brand and drive purchasing behavior.

Aroma Marketing relies on the neurological phenomenon of Emotional Anchoring. Rather than employing its "rational" side when it detects a familiar scent, the brain responds with its "emotional" side, eliciting positive feelings and memories. Just as you may associate the smell of warm apple cider with fond memories of crisp autumn days, your customers will link the pleasing aroma in your store or office to positive experiences they've had in the past.

We can also develop a full sensory branding strategy for your products and/or company and create a strong emotional bond to your brand by employing multiple services that appeal to multiple senses (sight, hearing and smell).

Why Is a Pleasing Aroma So Important?

  • Customers tend to linger longer in areas that smell nice. In fact, studies show it's up to 40% longer.
  • Because of its powerful effect on both the conscious and subconscious mind, aroma can be used to create a desire for food and other consumer goods, and reinforce or strengthen existing bonds to products, places and experiences.
  • Incorporating a pleasing aroma is essential when you want to create a complete sensory package for your customers. (Spas, book stores, art galleries, etc.)
  • Aroma can very effectively enhance the “healthcare experience.” By using clinically validated scents, we can reduce anxiety and stress in waiting rooms, pre/post-op areas, blood labs, and clinics.

How Does Aroma Marketing Work?

We use a precision micro-mist diffusion system in combination with cold-air technology to distribute the scents, while preserving the integrity of the essential and aroma oils. Our professional-grade system provides consistent coverage over an area of any size. You can even choose unique scents for different rooms, departments or floors.

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